Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Planting Flowers

Ty spent Saturday outside with Papa and Dallas. He tried to "help" with everything. When we got all the flower beds ready for flowers we let Tyler "help."

Dallas had never planted flowers before. Luckily Grandma Labrum used us as slave labor and we DID, so we filled up a bucket, got out some cups and brought out our flower flats.

Ty's job was to water the flowers. He did a REALLY good job at it too.

He carefully got he cup full and carefully poured the water and carefully made a mess.

But no worries. After a while he was all done but he did come back out every now and again to see what we were doing. He even handed us flowers every so often. At the very end, Blanket even came out!

He was listening to directions, using his coordination and he LOVES water so what could be better.

Our flowers got planted and have enjoyed an entire day of LOTS of rain so we hope that they will be perked up and nice and pretty when the rain stops.


singedwingangel said...

love those pics.. I love when kids get to help with the garden and flowers..

Grandma Labrum said...

Parents have children so we can legally have slaves. It makes for good family life. How else can you be taught? Now you can teacher your "slave" to work. It is a generationaly thing. Aren't you glad you learned? I need my grandchildren home so Grandpa doesn't have to do it himself.