Sunday, May 16, 2010


We have had some major issues with Ty and his behavior. We aren't sure if it warrants a doc trip or just a really long vacation. It is getting to be a little tiresome.

He already has sleep issues but they seem to be rearing their ugly head a little bit the last few weeks. In 5 years Tyler has NEVER slept through the night. While generally we have dealt REALLY well, this time we are not. He comes into our room around 2 but the last little bit he has been in here around 12. He cries when I take him back to his bed. So we put him in here and Dallas sleeps with him and I sleep on a air matress. We recently ( like yesterday) got him a twin bed so that I didn't have to sleep on an air matress any more and we hoped it would make him sleep better.

So the last 4 days straight he has been up at 5 asking for Mickey. It is like his brain can't stop and all he thinks about all day is Mickey Mouse. It is preschooler crack I am telling you! Because I am exhausted and have also found myself staying up past a "normal" 10 bedtime I am awake but not awake downstairs.

The worst part, we don't take naps. Or more so TYLER doesn't take naps. But his crabby pants have made it so I LONG for him to take a nap for my sanity. But we find if he does nap ( he feel asleep at the neighbors on Friday) the night/day after is even WORSE. So no nap for us.

So what has kept our crabby pants at bay.... OUTSIDE

Grandma and Grandpa came up on Saturday and mom and granny went out to lunch. Left Dallas and grandpa home to fend for themselves. They worked SOOOO hard on our lawn and yard. Ty apparently spent the entire day outside. I was so excited to hear that he was happy and outside. In hopes that he will be nice and tired we spent an additional 2 hours after grandma and grandpa left OUTSIDE.

Ty and Barney had to be like Dad. Sun glasses!



Ty did his normal routine and to bed he went but today was the same story. We woke up at 5 and then went to church this afternoon. We couldn't stand his crabbiness so I took him in the car. we didn't get to far and I let him play at the park. He loved it. He was there for 2 hours.

So far I have been in his room 2 times and to top it off we have no air conditioning so it is hot and for us that is TRAGIC.

So the question of the year~ Is it time for a ear check? Do we try and spend all day outside? We are avoiding putting his pool out because we have to put casts on in a few weeks. He has 2 more weeks of school then what do I do with a kid that is NOT happy. Do we implement naps and stay up late?

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