Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Spoken Word

If you are new to our blog you might not realize just how much of a communication barrier we have with Tyler. We have pretty much tried everything under the sun to get this child to talk. I think I have seriously done EVERYTHING possible to hear WORDS!

So we say he is Non verbal but we aren't sure "what" he is exactly? You see.

He talks.

Sort of.

You see, since he knows all the letters and the sounds he will say the first letter of a word. Or he will copy a sound that sounds similar. He says "what is that" But it isn't REALLY "what is that" it is "wazat" meaning to him that is what it sounds like so he asks us wazat and we say oh what is that... and proceed to tell him.

Today at dinner we spent 40 minutes just asking him to repeat words. Here are some of our highlights.

Morgan- signing more and saying gun
Dad- signing Dad and saying Da
mom- mum
Leo- EO
June- JUne
Annie- A
Quincy- Q (sound)
Stop- tops and he puts his hand in front of his face like a
Go- Going
The list goes on.... But the funny thing. Most of the things that come out of his mouth are only letters and sounds that make up words because we know what he is saying. He is quiet when he talks and sometimes he breathes out instead of in.

Weird duck!

But the best part of life....

He wants to go the the BEACH! he says BEACH! All of it.

SO... my nonverbal son .. is verbal but not really...

But I will take what I can get.


Amber said...

HURRAY FOR TY!!!! GREAT JOB at all those words!!!! Well now that Ty wants to go to the beach let me know when you are coming to SoCal and Robin and I will DEFIATLY take Ty to the beach (I guess you and Dallas can come too if you want)HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! SLY!!!!!

~NICKY~ said...

My favorite is STOP! Tell Ty I want to go to the beach too!

Looking for Blue Sky said...

I totally get this: my 13-yr-old chatters all the time when she is happy, but with no discernable words and I soooo long to talk with her. Great news about the 'Beach' word! Surely once he is saying words and understanding what he is saying, well you have to be on to something.