Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The crippled toes

I LOVE baby feet.
I love MY babies feet. I love them!

I have 2 of them in my living room. I love touching them and kissing them.
I love seeing who's toes they look like.
Are they his dads toes?
His moms toes?
Do they genetically have that toe clenching my mom and her sisters do?

As amazing as his toes are they are deformed. It is something that has happened in the last few years. They weren't like that to start.

As we have been growing and changing and our muscles have gotten tighter his toes have curved more. His last shots fixed it a little but as the shots have worn off we have seen more curving of his toes. His Sweet toes!

I often wondered how I would feel as he "looked" more disabled.

What do I feel?

I feel lucky.

I feel lucky that is isn't worse. That his toes are just toes. I wish they weren't "deformed" and I hope that they are not deformed bad enough to have to be surgically fixed.

I feel lucky that those are my Toes to love and to kiss!


singedwingangel said...

He has beautiful toes.. ya know you could say angels keep nibbling on his toes so he keeps em curled up...

Kristen said...

Such a beautiful boy....and a mommy with a beautiful heart. ;-)

Amber said...

What cute toesies!!! I can just picture doing 'this little piggy' on them. My brother has real deformed toes too. He has also been walking on his tip toes his entire life, so his entire foot is deformed. It is a nightmare cutting his toe nails. It takes 3 people (2 people to keep his foot still and 1 person to cut) and 1 hour to do his nails.