Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Broken nose

Playing on the play ground- ( 1) Tyler's nose- ( -1)

Tyler is one heck of a trooper. This week has NOT been kind to his face! I said I would get pictures so I tried a lot of yesterday. What I got wasn't that "great" but today.... well today Ty got round 2.

Round ONE!
There is a large park by our house. ( There is a small park too) But today we ventured. He went with his cousins and there were 2 other boys there. This park has swings. Ty isn't quite strong enough to keep himself up so we still us the baby bucket.

Ty had had enough but the other boys still wanted me to push them. I told Ty to stay where he was and he did. Till I moved out of his eye sight ( which isn't really that far) and off he toddled RIGHT into the line of fire. His cousin couldn't stop and I didn't get there in time.

Down he went. Face first into the sand. I said a swear ( I did! In front of the other moms kids!) But the mom freaked and ran to get towels because we were quite bloody. Ty's little nose started bleeding ( which doesn't take much these days) and he had sand rash on his nose and arm.

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Round 2!
He was crying and blood was all over. I am pretty sure it ruined my shirt, but he calmed once we started to walk away.

Later he did go back to the swing but he was pretty content climbing up and down the stairs to the big boy slide.

It wasn't any ones fault.

Ty didn't hold any grudges.

But then, he never does.

(p.s. I did apologize to the mom who had freaked about the blood. I said I was sorry for the swear.. She laughed. )


Diary of a Diva Mom said...

aww poor thing! Well..

I have given you an award but you have to visit my page to find out all about it!

singedwingangel said...

Ouch that hurts me lookin at it. Poor guy.. Here is hoping her gets better very soon..

The Henrys said...

Ohh, the poor little man! What a week he has had.

I hope his nose is feeling better soon!

Shelly said...

Poor little guy. But he sure is tough.

Shannon said...

OUCH! That looks so painful! Hopefully he'll heal quickly and avoid any further "mishaps".

~NICKY~ said...

Poor little bubba. I hope no more bad luck can come to him this week!

Chantel said...

Poor kid!

Erinn said...

OUCH!! What bad luck! I hope he's not in too much pain or discomfort! ;)