Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentines And Preschool

Tyler is a lucky kid! He gets to have 2 parties for school. You see there are 2 sessions on the special people preschool. Depending on what you qualify for and need depends on when you go. A majority go 2 days a weeks ( generally Tuesday/ Thursday because those are speech days) But our luck and incredibly handsome MIRACLE and HERO goes to ALL 4. He gets to experience PT, OT, Speech, adaptive PT and vision. So every single person who comes to their class for extra therapy is there for Tyler. So really the other kids are getting MORE for the time :) So Our kid is REALLY delayed that we have him chuck full of people to *help* him be better. And all the other kids benefit to!

Anyway, valentines is coming up so the Tues/Thurs class is having their party and on Friday the Wed/Fri. are having theirs. We belong to both so double team the valentines.

We decided to do something homemade along with the cards so we made red rice krispie treats shaped as hearts.

In pictures :
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I make my rice treats in the Microwave instead of my mom's way of on the stove. There are several reasons. One, it takes longer and 2 I don't know how to do it that way without burning something. 2-3 minutes in the microwave with half a stick of butter and a bag of marshmallows. Stir after 2 minutes or so and put it back in for the remainder of the time. It will be boiling. I PAM ( she is my best friend) spray my spatula so it doesn't stick to anything. Add your red food coloring to the marshmallows to your liking.

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Add six cups of Rice krispies to your bowl and mix, mix, mix till it is done.
Put in a MEDIUM sized cake pan. Medium because the regular size makes the treats a little thin and who wants to eat thin when you can eat YUMMY more. I chose the dark red cutter because it is metal and I used Pam once again to help out! ( Pam and I are FRIENDS!)

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I put them on a clean pan to keep them out of the way and allow them to get hard. Only Rice Krispie with JUST butter and marshmallows will harden a little. I have another recipe that I will be making tomorrow for the rest of the family that have Peanut Butter in it. School isn't the safest place for PB!

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I found these amazingly cute zip lock baggies at the dollar store all ready decorated with the cute hearts. It saved me some time by having to tie a ribbon and make a label. So in they went. One batch using the medium pan made about 17 hearts. Larger cutters only yield about 8.
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And the end result is enough for both classes. We sent off Max and Morgan's but they didn't get the rice treats ( they got scrumptious other stuff) and we will have to see if we can deliver the rest. It might be nice to have Tyler give service by giving to others.

So that is our Valentine day! What did you do? We also have cute mickey mouse cards coming.. So beware!!!!!

*For the Labrum's in my hormonal state of being I sent 2 packages on purpose but I may not have gotten the right name on the package. They are the same but a Fast Mickey card swap might be in order... please forgive me.*

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