Saturday, November 7, 2009

A bug

I am posting just so I have a post for every day of the month but tonight we got struck with a bug. Either that or it is a shunt malfunction and we will be heading off to the ER later or tomorrow. We have been at PCMC and Shriner's and the park this week so it is very likely that we have a bug. Not to mention the 2 days I was working ( nice huh, call in sick on the very first day of not training.)

None the less, I guess I didn't wash mine and Ty's hands enough or DAMN shunt.

Please also pray for a friend of ours in Arizona. Her son was admitted to the hospital tonight. I haven't heard an update but she also has a brand new baby. LOTS of prayers for everyone tonight.


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Knowledge Safari said...

Hang in there & get well soon! We are linking your blog to ours.

Please check us out when you have a minute! :)