Monday, October 5, 2009

A well CHILD?

Our first appointment after coming back to Utah was today. We had a well "child" check. I guess after 2 they are not considered a baby! I don't think I have had any "stats" for years on him. Probably since we left our pediatrician and moved!

So, for all the people sitting on the edge of their seats... here is the stats for our Child!

Ty is 36 inches ( give or take.) He won't stand up straight because he is afraid of the thing that comes on his head. So they are taking the 36. For all of those who made the comment that he looks tall- well he isn't! He is only in the 2 percentile. He is much shorter than his cousin the same age but much taller than my sisters son Koy. So he is in between a 4 and 3 year old.

His weight is 31 pounds... BARELY! Makes him ON the chart for the second time in his life! The 15th percentile! That is ON THE CHART!

Exciting news huh!

* I do have to say Dr. M was pretty surprised by my lack of running to the docs when he got sick. I guess I have grown up as a mom to. I knew it was a cold and I knew it hadn't spread any worse. Next up H1n1 flu shots! BOO!*

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