Saturday, October 3, 2009

Random Tyler stories

- The other day we went outside to play. After his birthday party the ball pit got left out and it had water in the bottom. We dumped the balls out so the pool could dry and we could take it back inside. Ty decided he still wanted to play. We watched him for a good hour just "running" and playing. I think the consensus is we have a lot of balls for him to play!

- As big Barney fans we love watching Tyler act out some of the scenes. Makes us laugh a lot. The birthday cake last week had us in stitches. Today because of my craft night we had some paint brushes. There is a scene where BJ is naughty and paints the Caboose all different colors. He gets in trouble and Ty tells him No no when he is painting. But we gave him a paint brush from craft night and he painted the walls whenever the song came on that BJ was painting with. It was so funny. The look on his face while he waits is so funny!

- The other day we had my sisters kids over to play. Kayden and Koy are about Ty's age so it was good for Ty to have them around. They had gotten some play guns for their birthday and I went out check on them. I asked Kayden what they were doing and he said " Nana we are NOT shooting at the fence." ( they were shooting at the fence) So I asked Koy what they were doing. He answered " we are throwing the balls over the fence." It was kinda funny.

- The boys ( Ty, Kayden, and Koy) were wanting to watch a movie. Given Ty's lack of buddies he doesn't understand sharing. So he was standing up watching a movie like always. He was SMACK in the middle of the TV. Kayden was sitting on the floor and he said " Nana could you move brother ( Tyler) over." It was so cute. He called Tyler Brother.

- Since we moved in we have had a mysterious pet. I do not like it. In fact I hate it. I hate it so much I have almost stopped taking out the trash. Well the other day I opened the garage to have it slither past. I freaked, hopped in the car and took a picture. I took the boys over to the neighbors from their ball throwing and didn't see our pet and today I watched closely as I took out the trash only to discover our "pet" at the bottom of the stairs that I almost stepped on. I freaked out and still shiver. I HATE SNAKES!

( If anyone knows how to get rid of snakes please let me know!)


Tasha said...

Kill them. That's how I would get rid of a snake. Don't ask me how to kill it, cuz I would make my hubby do it.

Carrie said...

Holy cow! That is a big snake. Just looking at the picture gives me the willies. Good luck!

Andrea, Mrs. said...

Um, I hope to never have a snake problem. I have no idea how to get rid of them.

Amber said...

I just showed my Dad the picture of the snake and says it is a harmless Gopher snake. He is JEALOUS (he is a reptile fanatic)!!! He said he would come up there and get it for you if he had time. My Grandpa also saw the snake and said "I don't know what he does in the winter time but in the summer he eats all the rats so it is better that she has a harmless snake problem then a rat problem."