Monday, October 12, 2009


5 years ago a sweet little boy was born. This little boy is seriously the most kind hearted little boy that I have ever met. His personality matches his triumphs. He is sweet, kind, soft spoken, smart, loving and determined.

When Kayden was just a few weeks old he was diagnosed with hypo plastic kidney's or kidneys were to small. He was in renal failure and there wasn't really anything they could do till they got him healthy, fat and to the ripe old age of 2.

Kayden is sweet. So sweet. He wants so many things for others. He is so sweet. He Loved sharing tubies with Tyler when he was little. And he still thinks often about how to include Tyler.

( that picture makes Tyler look like a doll)

This past few months of getting to see the boys more and getting to have them here I am so thankful for the organ donor that sacrificed for Kayden. He is here with us. He is here to be sweet and thankful to our children and to bless our lives with his spirit.

I hope Kayden has a sweet birthday. He is a big boy now.. 5 is a good age.

And remember......

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