Saturday, October 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Koy

This weekend me and Tyler are going down to my parents for the weekend. So we thought we would predraft a blog post for Koy and tell him Happy Birthday.

Since moving back to Utah we have had the chance to hang out with Koy and Kayden and Lexi a few times. I am not sure if I have the stamina to have 4 children. Props to you parents who do!

Koy came swimming with us. He is not afraid of anything. He would just take off and keep up with everyone else. He tried to help Tyler to. I am impressed with my sisters kids and their ability to try and help Tyler and include him in anything. And at their ability to understand when we have to explain Ty's ability to handle something they take it in stride.

Koy doesn't listen well. He tries but at least his listening skills aren't accompanied by lying skills. When I went out to check on the boys I asked them what they were doing, Kayden quickly responded we are not doing anything with the fence. And Koy responded we are throwing the balls over the fence.

Koy plays well with others and can sometimes be a bully. He is the youngest of the Labrum Clan so he gets to show his own.

He loves Grandpa. He loves Grandma, and he knows that at Nana's house if you want a book read she will stop and read till you are all done. And if you need to watch a movie and "brother"is around, nana will move said brother

Nana is also the resident bullet saver.... Just ask Koy!

So Koy, as you get older and have to keep up with your big brother, keep remembering the abilities of those around you. Keep loving Tyler and come over and swim more!!

We are glad to be back and you can come to Nana's any time....Happy Birthday Koy


Grandma Labrum said...

A bully is someone who does things to hurt people on purpose, to make someone else seem smaller. Koy isn't a bully. He just doesn't know his own strength or cause/effect of an action. He doesn't try to put someone down or make himself more important. He is just a big teddy bear who is learning.

Preemie Miracle said...

I didn't mean bully like the school yard bully. He just doesn't know what he is doing. And he runs everyone over.. BUT sometimes he does know when he gives them a good push