Sunday, September 6, 2009

Our last week

I didn't get a chance to show some pictures of our last week in Utah. I also wanted to get a chance to tell all his therapist and those who worked with him a huge thank you.

Rachel: She has been Ty's PT for over a year and a half. She worked so well with him. She was just what he needed when we moved over. ( she is the girl in the photo with him on the ball, I didn't put a name on it. I forgot!) She helped get him going and she was so great.

Jackie: She was Ty's OT. She was wonderful. We did a combined PT, OT with Rachel and she made such a HUGE difference. Ty still struggles with OT issues ( so if you need gift ideas ;) hehe)

Beth: She was Ty's last Music therapist. She did amazing things with him. She got him to use sounds, stop and go and many other things. She took over after Holly ( who we LOVED as well)

Sarah: She was the Secretary at Coester Cares where we got therapy. She was so so great as well. I can't tell you enough of the love they showed to me and Tyler. I recommend them to anyone looking for therapists.

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Melissa said...

Great pictures! You can really see Ty's personality coming through at therapy. I love it!