Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The wheels on the bus!

Ty had his first official big boy day at Preschool today. Big boy meaning no one took him and no one stayed around to make sure that all the other kids were nice or that he was "ok." Instead we sent him on the BIG yellow bus. ( Don't worry Aunt Nicky the number was NOT 911)

So officially it was his "first day" so we took some pictures but unfortunealy they were not the traditional stand by the door and hold still with your book bag type picture. Only because he wouldn't stand still and I couldn't figure out how to do all of the "stuff" at the same time.

So, here is the preschool/first day/ bus riding story.....

We have been talking to Tyler about the bus for about a week. Barney has been nice enough to have done several episodes of different kinds of buses and moving things so we have watched them. We have talked to him about riding the bus and we took him to preschool for a week so he could get use to it.

We got all the paper work/blood type and all personal information short of a limb to Miss Mean head and we were ready for the break to get over.

Yesterday we had OT and PT and the poor kid was exhausted. He even let me rock him and cuddle for 15 straight minutes yesterday but we didn't want him to nap so he would sleep longer than 5am so he would stay awake through school.

We got him ready for bed yesterday, and his sweet, amazing dad gave him "the talk" ( not THAT talk) but the talk about how tommorow you are going to be a big boy and ride the bus and mommy will come pick you up. Then he gave him a blessing and off to bed we went.

He did sleep in. He slept till seven. I had set my alarm incase he didn't wake up and when he did we got ready for the day. We had waffles ( just like Grandma L does) and we showered, ( because Grandma L hates kids that smell like they had waffles with syrup and Grandpa Brown doesn't like it either) and we got dressed. He looked so cute in his new polo shirt and new shorts. We watched Barney then went out to play.

Yes, out to play. Why? Becuase it was almost time for the bus. I wasn't sure exactly what time but I knew that we were all ready and to just let him start playing to see if we could transition better and I KNEW I wanted pictures and well that is the only way I can get them.

Dallas came out and watched for a minute then we heard the bus come. We gathered all his stuff. This is where the I want a picture but can't figure out how to do it. Ty was in Dallas arms, I had a blanket ( he had to take his blankie) his book bag, and his walker. All this for a barely 30 pound 3 year old.

The rule on the bus is he has to walk on so I helped him get on and Dallas gave the aide his stuff. I buckled Ty in the seat and snapped some photos. He is PISSED and yes he was crying. He was crying hard. I said I love you and walked away.

I got in the house, hugged Dallas and cried. It was FINE with him going to school. I was not fine with him crying. I was even fine with him riding the bus just not being sad.( I am sure when the granny's see the photos they won't be "fine" with him riding the bus either. )

I got a hour nap this morning in ( since I had a migraine and still do) and then ran to the store and went to pick up my baby. I should have brought my camera to get him coming out of the school but I forgot. His teacher did call once when they were playing to let me know he was doing wonderful. He whimpered the whole way to school, got off the bus, rode a wagon to class and no more tears! He played on his own with the other kids at recess and had a good time. He went to PT, had vision and Speech today. He said GO! He won't say it for me here. He just looks at me when I ask him. He imitated kids in the class during play time and when they said lets clean up to go home he got his blanket and played peek a boo with kids in his class. ( most of the kids are 4 and 5) They said lets go get our moms and he told the teacher momma and walked the whole way outside.

I am very happy with him going to school. I am happy with the choice of classes he is in. Now lets find a way to make bus riding go well!


Jen said...

I'm so happy he did well in school! I agree, those photos are heart wrenching, but hopefully he'll grow to like it knowing where he is going! :)

Maloree said...

I understand the tears but how awesome is Tyler!!! What a big boy. He is really growing up. You will really appreciate the bus. I know I do. What a great day! I am so happy for you guys.

Josephine said...

I'm sure he'll get used to the bus in no time and then love it!

Chantel said...

Way to go Tyler (and parents!) He looked so cute in his red shirt. I hope that the bus gets better :)

Aunt Nicky said...

YAY FOR TYLER!!! Tell him that Aunt Nicky doesn't like buses either! :) I can't believe he is that big to ride the bus to school! WOW! My baby TyTy is growing up so much! I am so happy for him! Way to go Nancy and Dallas!

Tammy said...

Yeah for Tyler. I know how hard it is to turn and walk away when they are crying, but sometimes that is the only thing we can do. I am sure that Heavenly Father cries for every single one of his children that he sends here to earth. Don't worry it will get easier for Tyler and for you. It is o.k. to cry and it just shows that you are a MOM!

Aimee said...

I hope the bus goes better tomorrow now that he's used to it. It sounds like he did amazing and the school he goes to sounds great! I loved that the teacher called you mid-way through the day to update you--she sounds like a good teacher.

Grandma Labrum said...

This granny has seen countless kids crying at school, and mothers as well. Every year we have to tell those moms the kids will be better when you leave, so go! I am happy to see a school with seatbelts. Yeah, it is sad when they cry, but good things are sometimes tramatic, but for your own good. He will learn the bus ride isn't so bad, and school is lots of fun. And it gives mom a break, which all moms need.