Friday, October 17, 2008

What we do in Therapy

I realized that a lot of people out there have no idea what we do for therapy. I have never really posted photos of his newest therapies and what we do there.

We get PT ( physical therapy), OT ( occupational), and music therapy. We are currently on a waiting list for Speech. The speech person is going on maternity leave in a few weeks so they are not taking any more kids. These therapies are in addition to the time he gets with therapy at school. He gets all of the above with school ( minus the one on one music) He gets circle time/singing with the preschool.

We have PT and OT on the same day. We are going to try and combine some of our efforts because he is not having it the last our of therapy. We just started with this OT so we are trying hard to get use to all the changes.

OT we are working on him using his arms equally. He has a tendency to use his right over his left. He also can't fully straighten his arms above his head. He can't touch his hands to his shoulders. He knows what each part of his body is but he has too tight of muscles to do it.

He also is working on shapes, colors and manipulating objects ( like puzzles, or shape sorters or stacking.)

He LOVES LOVES the swing at the OT and it chills him RIGHT OUT! We are working on me slowly letting him go to the therapy alone. Right now I sit in the corner and read a book.

( The pictures are not GREAT but it just gives everyone and idea what we do there)

PT is with Rachel. Miss Rachel has been our therapist for awhile. She is working on his Gross motor skills. Skills like walking and stretching. She introduced him to the ball pit, but he was having nothing to do with it. It took several months ( OK like six) for him to decide that it is OK.
(What great form huh!)

This last photo he is on a balance beam. We are trying to get him to put his feet correctly and it teaches him to bend his legs correctly.

Rachel is working with Ty to stretch his hamstrings and help his ankles and feet have better support. We stretch A LOT!

We have music therapy. We have only been once because of scheduling conflicts and stuff. What the music therapy does is it gives him one on one time with songs and instruments to increase his ability to speak and communicate. He LOVES the songs so this was a great choice. We think this will help him a lot and can't wait to keep going.

Some of the other things that music therapy will do is also help him with his hands, help him stretch and combine any other goals we have.

All these activities take a lot of effort for Tyler. He does so well and is so good about going. We love our therapists and all the time they put in. It is something we know he needs.

As a plus Tyler is doing very, very good right now. He didn't go on the bus this morning because it never came. Well, it came late and we had already left to take him to school. He did not cry any tears today as he went to class. He also has a little girlfriend. She saves him a seat everyday ( she is 4) and she tries to kiss him. Miss A reported Tyler jabbering to her several times and she also reported that his girlfriend really takes care of him. Miss A also said that Tyler is finally starting to show his true colors and spent the recess time Laughing. Sounds just like Tyler.

Tyler... the womanizer already. Yikes!

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Aunt Nicky said...

THATA BOY!! He won my heart the moment I saw him (which was when he was only like an hour old).. I He looks so happy at therapy! I am so glad that he likes it! Now our pimp picture of him is true! :)