Sunday, October 5, 2008

The week in random off the wall fragmented sentences!

It was a good week. Yet at the same time I felt very overwhelmed. Some days I just don't know what else there is for me to do to help Tyler.

When I get overwhelmed I tend to avoid all appointments. I cancel therapy and would rather just hibernate in my house. Although the reasons I feel overwhelmed would be benefited from therapy that is the first thing that goes. This week I made EVERY SINGLE APPOINTMENT.

One purpose of this week was getting Tyler use to a new therapy schedule. We added Music therapy and was really excited to start it. We added OT on the same day as PT and Ty made some awesome advances. He finally got into the ball pit. It has taken the kid six months to finally get in. He loves the balls in their but wouldn't get IN! He had a blast on the swing and did very well in the OT appointment. Soon I will try and leave him there and not let him play off the mommy nerves ( you know.. the one that makes people stop when whining and crying is involved)

When music therapy came around we showed up on time but SRP ( Salt river project.. utility company) knocked all the power out in Gilbert. We sat for awhile and waited but instead got rescheduled. Guess we will see what fun it is next week.

I am wondering what the next step is for us?

Ty has few words yet understands all we say. He communicates but the word factor is getting us very frustrated.

He is getting heavy. Not like he is getting overweight we better stop feeding him heavy, but heavy like he is 3 and we are still packing him like he was an infant. At some point we are going to have to decide how to proceed with our ever growing child who hates to walk.

He needs AFO's/ SMO's and possibly botox or other alternative therapy yet we have no doc following him in that department and have no way to find out how to get one.

Where do we go from here?

On a happy note. He is having so much fun. We love him and do hope to see him progress soon. School break is coming to a close and hope to at least visit a little pumpkin patch.

We did get the little Tyke a Halloween costume.

Oh and Ty's crib is on recall. Nice huh. I can't find the model number on his crib in order to take it back. It makes me nervous. Guess we are getting a new bed regardless... Oh and the company that makes it is out of business.


Crystal said...

You and Dallas are doing a wonderful job Nancy. Keep the Lord in your decision making and things will work out. I also had a thought about Ty's communicating. Next time we are online at the same time, lets chat. It was just a random thought but who knows... I love you all!!

Jen said...

Nancy, so sorry to see you are overwhelmed! Just know you are doing a fantastic job!

I wanna see Ty's Halloween costume!

Oh and scary about the recall! Sheesh, some companies!

Amelia said...

I hear you on the not speaking issues, it is SO frustrating!

Oliver took a LONG time to warm up in music therapy (they call it Musikgarten here) and then a different girl started doing it on occasion, and I can't stand this girl (long story, but she did NOT work well with oliver the first time, and I asked that she never work with him again) He likes it now, but doesn't usually follow, just watches the other kids.

How heavy is he getting? Oliver is almost 25 lbs, finally. Last weight check he'd gained an entire pound in about 20 days! Of course, now he's not eating again. He lives off yogurt, canned fruit, and pancakes. Hey, it's not terribly interesting, but at least it's mostly balanced.

The crib to bed transition, hoo boy, that's not fun! We opted to get a twin mattress and box spring, and an extra long bed rail. We put the bed in the corner, so he only has 1 end to get out, and I basically hold him down for him to fall asleep. Oh, and he has to have a loud fan on and the door closed. But it works, and he is now finally sleeping through the night in there. Good luck, my friend. Do what works for you guys, and to heck with what the "experts" say.

Jen said...

I tagged ya :)