Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Sheena

I got this out a few minutes late ( like 28) but I just wanted to tell Auntie Sheena that we love you and hope you had a wonderful birthday.

Some facts about Sheena:
  • She has gorgeous auburn/red hair
  • She is the "middle" child
  • She has a very strong will
  • When I met Dallas she was very protective ( as were ALL his sisters)
  • She is a great Aunt and always loves on Tyler
  • Sheena was a wonderful sitter for Tyler and we would find them asleep together on the couch frequently.
  • She is a wonderful sister.
  • She let me sleep in her very comfortable bed when we stayed there in the process of moving.
  • She came and visited Tyler when he had his head reconstructed.
  • We love you and hope that we get to see you soon!
I am so glad I got to know this wonderful woman. She is going to be a wonderful wife and mother. She is a great person and we hope she has a wonderful Birthday. We will be sending stuff in the mail. ( I can NOT get anything off in time... even for you Shane.) But we want you to know we are thinking of you.

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Aunt Nicky said...

happy birthday sheena!