Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday #1

We all know ( OK those who "know" me) know that I am a pack rat and have a tendency to just make piles. I do truly think that piles are genetic. Anyway, I have seen tackle it Tuesday and have been debating on whether I should embarrass myself and my "piles" or not.

So here goes nothing ( be gentle... It is one of "those" places that is a junk place. The place that everything goes that doesn't have a place.)

Please don't call the State.. I swear it was just junk and just "stuff." That is 2 major dejunking day! Tomorrow the closet.


michelle said...

WOW!!! I am totally impressed and jealous! Can you come help me PLEASE? lol I have piles everywhere and hubby hates it soooo much! At least share your secret with me :)

Chantel said...

That looks amazing! I also believe that piles are genetic!! Barrett puts just about anything he can in a pile!

ThePreemie Experiment said...

I'm also jealous!! If I had to tackle that project it would take me a week, not because of the size of the pile but because I can't focus.

As soon as I had to enter into a different area to put something away from the first area, I would get stuck in the new area. I'd start cleaning the new area. As soon as I would go the 3rd area to put something away from the 2nd area... yep, I'd get stuck in the 3rd area. This continues all day and the house looks worse than when I started.

Oh Nancy, now you've got me feeling guilty that I have many piles that need attention. Ugh. lol

Congrats on your clean space! (when are you coming over to do mine)

Ann of the Incredible Gift said...

I also have piles of stuff. Bleah... Although I work at getting rid of them, they keep coming back.

Genetic, yep. My Mama had piles of stuff EVERYWHERE, and I have a daughter whose house is also home to piles of stuff, but not quite so many as mine or my Mama. Genetic and increasing with age, maybe?