Monday, October 13, 2008


Today is Kayden's birthday. He is 4! What a long road to 4 it has been. From a early arrival ( a few weeks) to a new kidney he is definitely a strong little dude.

You can read his story at my sisters blog ( and yes it is the same link from the last BDAY post!) and see her side of the story..

A few photos of Kayden:
This was at my "baby shower" that we had for me in Orangeville. Kayden and Tyler both had "tubbies" and Kayden thought that was pretty cool. The other picture is at my wedding. Kayden was so chubby at the time. Just fattening him up!!
We Hope you have a great bday. Happy birthday!


Aunt Nicky said...

I can't believe how little Kayden and Tyler were.. They have both grown up so much! Kayden HAD to hold Tyler because he didn't like to see Grandpa holding Tyler.. :) Those are some nice pics that were taken.. Wonder who took them! :)

Lisa M said...

So neat. Very neat.