Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm a big boy ~

Lots of new things have been happening at the Brown household. We have been reluctant ( or I have been) to make some of the changes but we have made them and Ty has really rolled with the punches.

A few weeks ago while helping at customer service a lady brought in a crib that closely resembled the one that I have been putting my "precious cargo" into for 3 years. I FREAKED out and came home and looked and looked. Sure enough, Ty's crib has been recalled. I HATE his crib. I loved it for a long time but the crib rail comes off track. Even before we knew about the above mentioned recall we had decided it was time to move him into a toddler bed and get rid of the crib anyway. So at least my hatred can turn into a few hundred bucks.

Tuesday night we went and got Ty's toddler bed. We started putting it together and decided to wait till Wednesday. We got it all put together tonight and had Ty come in and take a look at his new big boy bed. He LOVED it. He got on it, laid down, babbled, and talked away. He turned around, jumped around and got down all on his own. We were then ready to take on the night ( or Dallas was since he is the night time parent.)


So far so good.. He is happy as could be and has not woken up. Guess we can get rid of the crib and just stick with a big boy bed! YAY! My baby is getting bigger.

Another big change is School. He is doing FABULOUS!! He is doing so well. He climbed up the bus steps today ALONE. He sat down and had NO TEARS! There was no crying. He is using the props during circle time just like the other kids. His teacher said that he is walking all over totally independent till they go outside. He pushes away her hand because he wants to do it all by himself. The only time he wants help is when he wants to get somewhere fast. He loves to sing the goodbye song and come home. He is doing well with his therapies there as well and he is loving his eye therapy. And ... he is wearing his glasses. I can't believe he is getting to where he doesn't cry.

We got a new respite worker and we are getting use to her. She comes is coming on a day that we have to keep Tyler awake after 2 really in depth physical therapies and he has school the next day. She has a rough job and she does it great.

We also are looking at his potty training. I set the timer for 30 minutes and for an hour and a half we went to the potty every half hour. While it was great for my kindergarten bladder he had no interest and cannot stay dry for the 2 hour time. He was fine with sitting on the potty and "wiping" but no "success." We will keep trying.

I think that is all... For now. He is doing great! Guess we will see what the next week will give us!


Aunt Nicky said...

oh my gosh, he is growing up so much! I didn't realize how much he was growing up until you say he is out of the crib and into a big boy bed!! YAY for Ty!

Jen said...

How cool! I love all the ADORABLE pictures of Ty on his big boy bed!!!