Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy birthday Nicky

Its my "little" sisters birthday today. She is officially OLD!! So as she celebrates her day I wanted to leave her with the "facts" of Nicky.

The Nicky facts:
  • She is the youngest and is the baby of the family.
  • Her nick name is Peanut. She even gets mad if someone else is called that.
  • Grandma Labrum died on her birthday. That is kinda a bizarre fact but it is a true one.
  • I call her Sticky because she was always so skinny.
  • She wanted a middle name and got mad that she didn't have one so she adopted grandma Olsen's' name. So her name is Nicky Melva
  • Lexi distinguishes Nicky by calling her Nicky the girl and not Nicky the cat.
  • Our sister has a cat named Nicky. Hence the need to figure out if it is Nicky the girl or not.
  • Nicky has an hateful relationship with buses and 911.
  • She is one of the most loving and caring people we know
  • She LOVES her nieces and Nephews
  • She is always there when we need her. If she can get there she will be there.
  • The first time she held my son she asked for a pillow because she couldn't feel him.
  • She has NEVER missed a surgery or a chance to love on her "kids" and we all love her.
  • She is Aunt NINI and we hope you have a good day!
We hope you have a wonderful birthday. We hope you enjoy eating some cupcakes/cake and watching a movie. Thank you for always being there. You are a great person and you deserve to have a happy birthday... Happy BIRTHDAY!!!


Chantel said...

We have the best aunt Nicky!! I like your "facts" about her. We hope she has the BEST birthday!!

Grandma Labrum said...

On my computer all I can see is Tammy's picture. Don't you even know your own sisters? Ha, Ha. People say they get you all mixed up, but I thought you knew the difference!

Aunt Nicky said...

YEAH! on my computer all i see is Tammy! Thanks! Even my own sister doesn't know who I am !!! Thanks guys! I love you all! I really do try to be there for everyone's surgeries (and believe there is alot in this family) but now I have people all over (which by the way i am NOT too happy about).. I love all of you!! And, yes, the past 13 years, my birthday isn't always the greatest.. so thanks for posting it really means a lot

Grandma Labrum said...

I hope you didn't think I was being rude about the "other sister's" picture because I see it is taken off. I was laughing! I just thought it was funny in a Ha Ha way........I'm sorry if I offended.

Aunt Nicky said...

i hope i didn't offend you either! I clicked on the picture and the whole picture came up.. so I know that it was just the size of the picture.. I STILL LOVE YA NANC! Thanks for letting me talk to Ty and having him call me a monkey! :)