Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ty's party

Ty's party was really good. It was so nice to have family down here.

We really enjoyed having Grandma and grandpa Labrum down here. Ty is such a mommy's boy that it has taken a little getting use to but he is now letting Grandpa Labrum play ball and every now and again he is getting a high five.

So the run down of the weekend was like this:

We picked up granny and Gramps at the airport in Phoenix around noon. We headed into town and went to Cafe Rio where Ty went to town and grandma and grandpa ate and chatted and played with Tyler.

We ran some errands and took the grandparents to Toys R Us where we looked for the mom and dad gift for Tyler. We already knew what we wanted it was just a matter of finding it and getting it to the house.

We headed back to the house and opened the Parental gift ( the one from me and Dallas) and played and played and kept playing. He was exhausted as we headed to Dinner. We ate a wonderful dinner at Texas Roadhouse and Ty fell asleep from total exhaustion and playing with his new toy!

This morning we went to Babies r us and found yet another Present for Tyler. He got a BRAND NEW favorite chair. He LOVES it.

A few of the people who were invited didn't come to the party so it was very small but perfect. Ty had his little friend "C" come and play. They both are so stinking cute. We opened presents and ate cake.

Ty's cake turned out so great. I guess you can't really call it a cake since it is CUPCAKES! And in true Tyler style he left finger prints this morning.

Here are the photos from the week. I don't love slide shows because it takes me forever to watch them... and I love pictures so here it is!


Crystal said...

Happy Birthday my sweet little man. Oh how Aunt Crystal loves you more than words.

Jen said...

How I love all these pictures! The sweet kisses and hugs, the smiles of delight! What a perfect day! Happy Birthday Ty!!

R and K said...

Happy Birthday Tyler! Love the new chair, cute cupcake cake, cute smiling pictures of Ty and cute hair on you!

Aunt Nicky said...

He is so big! I can't believe it!! I am so glad he liked his present! I wanted to get something that he would be able to enjoy and when I saw that, I instantly thought of Tyler!