Monday, September 22, 2008

Ty's FIRST day of school

Today was Tyler's VERY VERY first day of "real" preschool. Although I don't really count it as the FIRST day because I had to sit there with him.

The day started off around 4 when I nicely asked Dallas to tell Tyler it was still night time and he went back to sleep for 2 more hours. At six Ty got up and we gave him the typical morning drink of carnation and tried to get him to eat breakfast. We knew it was going to be a long day so we tried REALLY hard. He wasn't "hungry" so I decided to be the worlds coolest mom and gave the kid a donut. At lease he got SOMETHING.

We headed out the door just after 8 am. I HATE MORNINGS! More than I can possible explain to everyone. I HATE them so I am always rushed making it even worse. I get to the elementary school and hand them his registration papers ( that were "suppose" to be in by Friday) and they tell me he needs one more shot ( the hepatitis's is required.. no opting out in Arizona, thank to the illegal immigrants) but we were not able to get it because we had just done surgery and they told us to wait. We also needed my drivers license which I reached in to get only to find I had left it in the front room. They also needed a utility bill which I forgot. Luckily they let Ty and I go to school.

We walked down this HUGE hallway waiting for his class to start and Ty timidly went it. He sat for all of the circle time. Used his walker as they went out for play time. He even walked in line with the other kids. He followed them in using his walker. One of the little boys wanted to "ride" Ty's walker and kept climbing on the back of it saying it was the "coolest toy." We had to keep kicking him off because Ty couldn't pull it with the kid on it.

He came in and played playdoh and had a story about animals and then went to play. We had snack and he was saying all done, all done please and putting his head down on the desk. It was a long day and he made it all the way through. He did keep checking to see if I was there. I hope he gets comfortable enough soon.

He is in a class with a few 4 year olds and 3.5 year olds so he seems way delayed but he is very motivated to keep up. Guess we see how things go and make adjustments as needed.

After wards we headed home for lunch and then had to take Tyler to his Neurosurgeon follow up. I always dread appointments like this because Tyler hates doctors. He always screams bloody murder or changes and slowly shuts down. I explained that we were not going to do anything to hurt him. He stood on the scale with no tears and played with the nurse.

When Dr. Elton came in I just wanted to kiss him. He gave us our sweet baby back and a baby that will eat and sleep. We had a few questions regarding botox, a rehab doc and someone to watch over and follow his CP. He has the same opinion that we do. When you lump CP all together with things that people associate only with the VERY severe. Wheelchairs, not able to eat, cognitively delayed, blind, deaf all wrapped into one. He says you can't do that. Even a kid who is not cognitively delayed and is in a wheel chair may or may not be severe. So he always takes every case and works with the case.

He did feel that botox is something to look into and he was going to do some research into where he wanted to send us. He felt we were doing the right things for Ty and that seeing Shriner's next month is a great next step.

He gave the go ahead for Ty's dental work which we will work on after his break from school. ( the real reason we are not having Ty on the bus and going alone is that break is next week for 3 weeks) and we will be doing all the odds and ends that we need for his school.

All in all it was a wonderful day. I am more than exhausted for some reason and have gotten myself another cold sore. I could sleep for the next week!!

( The photo is NOT of his first day.. he is just cute)


ThePreemie Experiment said...

Sounds like a great first day of school!

Too bad you aren't closer to Chicago. Dr. Deborah Gaebler-Spira is THE best doc for CP and botox. She is the only doc that I miss since we moved. She made such a huge difference in Paige's life and ours.

Jen said...

Yay for Ty and doing wonderfully on his first day of school. He'll warm up even more, I'm sure of it! Now go get yourself some much needed sleep :)

Aunt Nicky said...

Yay for bubba!!! I'm glad that he had a good day at school! if I was there, i would have kicked the kid off the walker too.. That "cool toy" is only for the "cool kids".. cuz "you ain't cool, unless you have a walker" :)

Maloree said...

Why didn't I know Monday would be Tyler's first day? I am so out of the loop. I am so excited for you and Tyler. What a great first day! Be thankful you actually got to see his first day. I just put Caden on the bus and wondered what he must be thinking.

Lisa M. said...

Oh I just think that is neat.

And you are right, he IS cute!

Steve and Steph said...

That is a great picture, he is looking so grown up! I thought you guys were going to FBC for preschool? We missed seeing you in the baby program on Monday, but I am so glad that you both had a good first day of school.

Chantel said...

Way to go TY!!

Aimee said...

Happy first day of school to the both of you! I'm sure it won't take long for Tyler to get the hang of things, and I think you're smart to hold off on the bus and stuff until he goes back.