Sunday, September 7, 2008

Tales of Puking Woes!

I think Aunt Chantel, Crystal and cousin Noah and Lily sent us the pukes!

Friday after a TOO eventful day of late people and frustration, we came home from our date to find a handsome just short of 3 year old awake. He was acting kinda weird and wouldn't go to Dallas. So I did what I could and got him in bed. We ended up getting him to bed but the long way with Dallas having to do all the hard work and me going to bed early because I had to work.

Saturday I got home at 11 pm and Ty soon woke up and started the antics of wanting mom. Because of my early work time I took Dallas up on the offer to yet again stay up with Ty. He ended up sitting in there for a long time just rocking our sweet little dude.

Dallas and I went to bed around 1:30am and soon after turning off the lights heard some strange noises at our window and all over our house. It sounded as though someone was trying to get in and were knocking at our windows. It was horribly creepy. It kept going for a while and Dallas got up and got dressed and utilized the second amendment and went out with his gun. He couldn't see anyone but I was terrified.

Around 3 Ty came into our room and slept with us. He usually wakes up for the day fairly early. He woke at 8! I had to go to work by 9 so I hurried and got ready and Tyler kinda laid their with Dallas. Very weird for Tyler.

I worked ALL day and got a call from Dallas at the very end of my shift that Ty was sick. I got home to a puking fountain called Tyler. Poor kid. I stripped and got showered so what ever germs I happened to be carrying were not infecting my poor family again and just as I got done Ty started puking again so in I went with Ty.

We then decided that it was a good idea to take him to the Urgent care/ER at Phoenix children's east valley. We got Ty some Zofran. Let them know that he had been holding on to his arm when we asked him where it hurt and got him an exray just to make sure and they decided that he didn't need a CT scan because the zofran was helping. If it was a shunt malfunction it wouldn't have helped.

After a few hours there we were off and Tyler was almost back to his old self. When we got home we got our bed made ( the vomit fountain tainted it) we got ready for bed. He slept with me for part of the night and part of the night alone. He was up a million times.

We have already gone through every movie we own and have had a million whines. I have no idea what he wants so we have a huge game of guessing on our hands.

Wish us luck for the day!!

The bonuses: No shunt issue, no more puke and no broken bones.


Aunt Nicky said...

I hope Ty is feeling better! Glad it isn't the shunt! I know how stressful that is for you guys!

Little Miss Lexi said...

How do you put pics up on your name of your blog... because I want to do that.Comment on my blog and tell me how to do that and me and my mom will do that. And I want to tell you you had a grate picture of your pedicure. And your toes are BUTIFUL and I want to do that to. And TYTY ...well that is funny about the movie of barney well he does like it alot so I gues he not so weird in a funny way as I thoght. LOVE YOU.

Grandma Labrum said...

Get rid of all those before we come down, please! Sorry he is sick. Oh, the days......

Tammy said...

My little girl is getting so big! Isn't she so cute with her comment

Lisa M. said...

I am so glad it wasn't the shunt.

Really glad.

Hope it is a quick "thing"

And, Tammy... Lexi is a doll!

Aunt Nicky said...

Nancy, I hope Ty does ok! I been crying all night knowing that he's in surgery. The first surgery that I have not been close by.. I don't like that thought, COME BACK!!!!! Tyler needs his Aunt Nicky! He told me by osmosis!!! let me know how he is! Give him a hug and kiss and tell him I was thinking of him ALL night and I was sooo worried.. Tell him Nicky poo-poo was all worried! (I know when you call me that he laughs)