Sunday, August 17, 2008


Another leg of our transition journey came and went on Friday. I had set myself up for the worst of the worst because if I don't then when something goes wrong I can't seem to control my emotions and have a complete meltdown or major anxiety attack.

This particular part of the assessment is one that most parents of special needs kids dread. We have come from a program that is all about positive. They are encouraging and they are wonderful. Moving to a program after three is very very different. Their job is to tell you exactly where you are and what we are doing and give you options for their schooling.

This is where the fear comes in. No parent wants to hear how delayed their child is. They don't want someone to point out the faults or the "issues" but just want someone to kindly tell them that this would be best for them.

Because we are very positive about things in this house I was NOT looking forward to them. I was not looking forward to having to hear how delayed or how awkward he was doing certain things.

The emotions had been running high all week and Friday was assessment day. We took off to Queen Creek where we met with the PT, OT, Speech and the psychologist. They bombarded us with questions and watched Tyler play and did activities with him. They took him outside to play with his dad while I answered questions and then they came back. Ty wouldn't talk to them but did really, really well with every other task given. Because of his vision impairments they didn't come prepared with every bit of available resources for some of the tests but they saw that he was able to do them.

At the end of the assessment he was going to be recommend for the .... You ready ..... The integrated classroom. The one where they are doing circle time, crafts, arts, reading and all that stuff. That his physical impairments are the only obvious impairments and that with time the speech will come and we will see how the vision plays in.

He really is smart. He does so well. He compensates like a champ and is always on the go to do new things. He is so laid back. He is loving and caring. We feel so lucky to have him in our home. We feel lucky that he is ours.

Oh and he had those ladies all wrapped around his Little finger. What a little flirt!! They LOVED him.

I am so proud of him. Now one or two more to go and then we start school.


Chantel said...

Way to go Ty! That is great news.

Aunt Nicky said...

Who couldn't love Ty! He is just lovable (not to mention so cute)! But I think he is still our baby TyTy that he can't go to school yet. :) But I still think that about Lexi and she is 8.

Aimee said...

Good stuff! How exiting for you guys. How great for Tyler!

Andrea, Mrs. said...