Sunday, July 27, 2008

Migraines, hormones and tears

Since around July 11Th I have had a headache. I would go to bed early, I would drink a coke, I would have stood on my head if I thought it would help. Some days were better than others. Thursday it hit HARD. Not just a little headache but one that got so bad that putting my head in a vice would have felt better.

It really seemed that Thursday was the day that EVERYTHING hit hard. The day started out with the small headache and I thought it would go away so I started on my daily actives. Thursday activities included Swimming lessons and a trip to my OBGYN. As I got us out the door for swimming I realized this headache was not a normal headache but I tried to wish it away.

Swimming went well and Ty loved it. Every second of it. He LOVES the water and loves that he can go under the water and climb out and jump and all that it entails. We headed after swimming right over to my docs office.

While in my docs office I realize I am NOT feeling well but I figure if I hurry we can grab lunch and take a nap. Ty had a total meltdown in the office when they brought in the shot that I was going to be getting and so I was singing to him and playing itsy bitsy while my bum was hanging out to get "the shot" of hormones that will turn the next three months into more of a sauna and well, basically into an old menopausal women. My headache at this point was so bad I couldn't remember all the medication I was taking or what i am on or not on. Or what my name was for that matter.

As we got home I figured that the headache would go away. We ate lunch and we had a crabby bubba so we headed down for a nap. A little bit after we laid down the door bell rang. Ty had OT. I canceled because I was NOT feeling well and we ha just laid down. I schedule next week and lay back down and the door bell rings again. It is our speech lady. By this time Ty is awake so we do speech and the headache didn't get wished away.

Speech ends and my respite worker gets here because Dallas is going to be hanging out with his boss from California was in town. I then realize that I am going to be spending the night on the tile in my bathroom. I call in sick to work, my respite worker takes Tyler out of my house and I strip nude, turn on the fan and fill a ice cube ziploc around my head.

I make the mistake at this point to check my mail and check my blog updates. I find and upsetting post and the tears flow. I have no where to turn with my frustrations and I am not feeling well. I am just glad that my sweet boy was gone so I didn't have to deal with him having to see me so upset.

I was so glad to have my sweet boy back and was able to get him to sleep and I had calmed down enough that I was able to enjoy him. I still had a headache and was so glad when he easily went to bed. ( I say that with all the love of a mom because I was ready to spank his behind) He hates going to sleep for mom.

I was able to talk stuff over with Dallas but still felt very betrayed by the post that was written. I sleep as much as I can and I wake up the next day with a headache that is dull but there. We have a play date and we go and enjoy the morning. I am hoping that Dallas gets the vibe that I need him to stay home with me.

The play date was just what I needed emotionally and my "friend" just gets me and I love her. Dallas gets that I need him and he stayed with me. I get an appointment with the doc and he sends me home to sleep.

That leaves me to right now. I have a SLIGHT headache but overall I am doing so much better. I am getting ready to turn in for the night. Dallas is still the loving most caring person in the world. I am still horribly disappointed in the post and I feel totally betrayed by 3 people this week. I am sad for them.

I love that I have what I have. I have Tyler who is the sweetest most amazing miracle baby in the world. I feel sad for those who never get to experience his sweet spirit. That they can't "get" why someone would be upset when you say mean things. I am glad that I have all that I need to fit my basic needs. I feel sad when I am lied to about meeting those needs. I am glad that I have a family. I can't see my family in need and I not try and share what I have.

Stay tuned. Tylers FIRST friend birthday party!!


Aunt Nicky said...

I've had a migraine this week. I took Tuesday off work to try and sleep it off, that didn't work! That's another reason why I decided to chop the hair off! I am willing to try anything to get rid of the headache! I thought maybe it was because the hair was weighing down on my head. So I guess we'll just have to wait and see! AND, I know about the hormones and tears too.. had them both this week too! Well, I'm just eating some food then I'm going to go lay down again and try and get more sleep..

Tammy said...

Sorry you had a rough week, just remember that Breaking Dawn comes out this week and you can sit and read your book and cry and it will be just fine! Hope this week is better for you.

EmandZachsmom said...

I am glad that you have a great support system around you! Thanks for letting me be a shoulder to cry on. I am glad that you are starting to feel better. You have been in my prayers~

MommyWizdom said...

Hi there, I'm sorry about your migraines and the yucky posts... I hope you have a better week... every day is a new day right??? Thanks for visiting my blog - in answer to your question - yes, that really is a dog fountain - I hope you can stop by for Fun Monday!

Anonymous said...

Nancy, I wish we lived closer so we could help you on days like this! You need to have your Doc give you migraine meds they work great. I hope you are feeling better now. We love you and miss you, Mom Brown