Monday, July 14, 2008

5 things I want my kids to learn before they grow up ( a tagged game)

The way it works... Like you don't know... is list 5 things you wish your kids will learn before they grow up. At the end of the post tag at least five people. Let them know by leaving a comment on their blog. And when you do the tag let the poster know so she can go check out your post.

1. I want my kids to know that there really is a God. That He loves them and he listens even when they think that no one else is.

2. Its OK to be different. Those who are different should be included and no matter what the above applies. God still loves them.. NO MATTER WHAT!

3. Donate your organs or give bone marrow. It saves peoples lives. Because of unselfish people others are alive today.

4. Mom and dad love you regardless of what you do. We will always be there for you and we will do all we can to be supportive.

5. Miracles happen every day. No matter how small make sure you thank Heavenly Father for the little things. Little miracles are the ones that make the day brighter.

I tag Jen K, Crystal, Nicky, Kim, Rachel, Leeann and Jenn T, my mom, Chantel, Ashley, Aimee and Camie.

Let me know when you have done it so I can follow the thread!!


Andrea, Mrs. said...

I think those are things I need to learn. Thanks!

Tammy said...

how come I am not on there!!!!

JR & Tammy said...

Nancy! Pardon my french but HOLY CRAP! I saw your comment on my blog and it took me a while to figure out who it was. I guess I'm not used to your married name. Awesome to have contact with you! My email is tmacdonald27@hotmail. I love your BLOG it is so inspiring. Email me soon! Tammy