Saturday, May 24, 2008

I'll walk!

First some random updates. I can't find the cord so I can download the pictures but I am telling you... they are cute!!

It has rained for 2 days and raining here means MUCH cooler temps. We hit 108 the first of the week and ended with the 50's. Jackets anyone? But despite the bad weather Ty still wanted to spend his days outside. I love that kid.

Anyway, I was driving home this evening and heard a country sing on the radio and started to cry. I am NOT kidding. I thought I was turning into my mom!! ( just kidding ( kinda) Mom!! ) Its by a artist named Bucky Covington. Its called "I'll walk."
The chorus is what really got me. Obviously Ty is not a girl and is not hit on prom night but the idea is the same. ( the video is HORRIBLE and I will look for a better one.. or maybe I will make one!!)

We were 18, it was prom night
We had our first big fight
She said "pull this car over"
I did and then I told her
"I don't know what you are crying for"
I grabbed her hand and she reached for the door
She said. . ."I'll walk
Let go of my hand
Right now I'm hurt
And you don't understand
So just be quiet
And later we will talk
Just leave, don't worry
I'll walk"

It was a dark night, a black dress
Driver never saw her around the bend
I never will forget the call
Or driving to the hospital
Where they told me her legs still wouldn't move
I cried when I walked into her room
She said. . .

"I'll walk
Please come and hold my hand
Right now I hurt
And I don't understand
Let's just be quiet
And later we can talk
Please stay, don't worry
I'll walk"

I held her hand through everything
The weeks and months of therapy
And I held her hand and asked her to be my bride
She's dreamed from a little girl
To have her daddy bring her down the aisle
So from her wheelchair she looks up at him and smiles
and says. . .

"I'll walk
Please hold my hand
I know that this will hurt
I know you understand
Please, Daddy don't cry
This is already hard
Let's go, don't worry
I'll walk"

One thing I have found for certain with Tyler is that he will walk. His determination to do it is there. Yes it is hard for him and that as a parent to watch sometimes BREAKS my heart. But at the same time, he is who is he.

I love that little guy so much. And some day he will walk, Till then I will hold his hand. I watch as it hurts and sometimes I cry but all in all..

He will walk!


Jen said...

Nancy, this was very touching! You are such a fantastic mother and Tyler WILL WALK :)

Kellars Mommy said...

Oh my gosh I am sitting here just crying!!! How true that song is, how fitting it is as well. I was picturing Kellar walking and thinking of how just as you said, I'll continue to hold his hand when he is unsteady, I'll pick him up when he falls but no matter what I love him just the same!!!

Aimee said...

Sounds like a great song, I'll have to listen for it on the radio. Can't wait for you to find the cord so we can see the pictures.

Ashley said...

I am sure that he will, especially with such an incredible mom by his side.

Leeann said...

This song gives me goose bumps every time I hear it! Ty WILL walk...look at the amazing strides he has made already!