Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Tammy!

Today is your 30th birthday. I didn't forget when I was talking to you this morning but wanted to send you a little "note".

For those who don't know my sister I will give you a glimpse into her.

She is the oldest and she is VERY opinionated. But she feels that you have a right to your own opinion as well. She has 3 kids. Lexi is the oldest and is 8 and is just wonderful and Koy.. well He is CRAZY. She takes care of Kayden and does a wonderful job. She has held her family together through thick and thin. She is a great mom.

Now some stuff I wanted to tell her.. ( sappy stuff ahead...)

When I was in labor my in laws called my parents and told them I was having the baby. My parents said they would be there in a few hours and got in the car. Both of my sisters showed up. Tammy left her kids in the middle of the night ( with Josh not unattended) to come up. She had no idea what was going on but she didn't miss it. She was standing right there when we gave Ty his blessing.

She came up a few times with kayden and she spent some time in the NICU with him. I stayed out with Kayden so I don't know what she did or what went on but a few times she came out with tears in her eyes.

One of the first few days he was in the NICU she wrote me a letter. She gave some great advice. I still have that letter. I have tried to be there for her when she has needed me and I have hoped and prayed her kids are ok when they are sick.

As we have gotten older I have decided that its ok to have your sisters as your friends. She has turned out to be my sister AND my friend.

Thank you for the support in our adventure in moving and being there when I need it. I hope you have a wonderful day and I will be sending some stuff ( I know everyone gasp.. I am LATE sending stuff) in the mail. You are a wonderful example and a great mom. Josh is lucky to have you and the kids are VERY lucky to have you as their mom.

Happy 30th bday!


Ashley said...

Happy Birthday Tammy, it sounds like you and Nancy have had some good times together as sisters. Mark just celebrated his 30th birthday not to long ago, I always know I am getting close to the 30 when someone else in my family gets there. Have a great day!

Tammy said...

Thanks Nanc.