Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Long time

Man I use to be GREAT at blogging. Now I Am great at NOT blogging. I have been super interested in reading about everyone else but never thought you all might like to know what is going on here.

The weather is so nice right now. Ty loves to be outside and if he had a choice would live out there ALL day. But because it is getting warm, my blue eyed, blond hair little guy needs to come in. We go to the park first thing in the morning ( sometimes Francis takes him) and he is really starting like to play with other kids. He hasn't liked it in the past so it is kind of fun to see him starting to learn to play.

Currently we are doing therapy of some sort pretty much everyday. He has the foundation one day a week, PT water therapy 3 times a week, Speech therapy and then regular PT. We have OT on a as needed basis. So life gets hectic for us. We want him to walk and do well so we are willing to sacrifice.

He is still so much fun and is so much more fun now that he is done being sick. He was nice and crabby last week and it is nice to have him back to himself.

Dallas is working so hard right now. Currently he is working on several Iphone projects and paypal has really piled on the work. He is still having knee pain and will be seeing a pain specialist for his neck issues. I think the neck issues are all because of the computer. So hopefully he can find some relief soon.

I am doing the same stuff. All day everyday. I love having Francis coming. It helps on the 2 am working mornings. The bad thing, Ty is back to napping with me it seems to be the only way we can get him to take a nap. Sure does suck for me though. :)

That is the update on us. I don't have any pictures this post because I have not been up to par since being sick.


Aimee said...

Sounds like you're staying super busy! It also sounds like all the therapy is working it's magic, good job mom.

Beth Schellhous said...

Wow... sometimes I would "kill" to have my daughter want to cuddle or sleep with me. She never would, ever since she was a newborn. I think it's very adorable that he wants to be with his mommy (however, that must be frustrating when you can't get anything done).

Leeann said...

Wow, you are so busy! I don't know how you do it, but you are a fantastic Mommy!