Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Heart Broken

I am just sick tonight. Not physically sick but heart sick. As you all know we started water therapy and have been attending 3 days a week. When we first got the approval it was for 60 visits. We got there today and our insurance has decided that having a diagnosis for CP makes it so Tyler has a chronic condition that can't be "fixed" so they will no longer pay for therapy. He gets 2 more visits and then we have none.

They (insurance) have denied Tyler AFO's for his feet saying they were cosmetic. They are not needed. I found a way to get them. I found a way.....

When we ordered a walker I thought for sure they would cover it. After all they will buy a wheelchair. But nope. Not covered. Why? It is considered a "gait trainer" meaning it is to help him learn to walk. And yep, our insurance denied it. Saying they don't pay for things like that but we can have a wheelchair it is covered. So, I found a way.

Now comes this. The therapy is working. He has done some major changing on how is feet are positioning. He is more stable. He takes more steps. And now they are telling me that because of a ugly ugly word he has no chance. He is a Little boy. Why deny him the world.

So I guess I do what I have done all along. Find a way. Work more hours, spend less money, something to pay for hope. I found hope in this new therapy. Not frustration but a glimpse of what he can do. I saw progress that we hadn't seen in a year.

But ... they will buy him a wheelchair!

Can't a mom dream... I just want my son to walk!


Jen said...

Oh Nancy, that just saddens me that your insurance has done this to you. You are so strong and I KNOW you WILL find a way to make it work. You are amazing. Once you set your mind to something, there is no stopping you and Ty is so fortunate to have you as a mother :)

Grandma Brown said...

Nancy, I don't know what to say besides...it isn't right! We will pray that an another option will open up. Tyler is doing so well, not just because of water therapy but mainly because he has a mother who is his advocate, who is proactive and who loves more than anything else. I am proud of you!
Mom Brown

Ashley said...

I am so sorry, that is so hard. I know that it is always a struggle with insurance companies, my mom has gone through that with her chemo! I will pray that you can find a way!!!

Leeann said...

WOW! That just seems incredibly wrong!
Ty would not be who he is, without his Mommy (and Daddy) supporting him and fighting for him.
I know you'll overcome this, too.