Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy birthday Sessi!

Roughly 8 years a go a sweet and wonderful baby girl came to live with us. Well really she lived with her mom. But I got the wonderful opportunity to have this little baby EVERYDAY!

I was asked to babysit Lexi and I watched her grow up. She and I became the best of buds. In fact we were so close that sometimes I was able to do things that her mom couldn't. Now that I have my own child I can see how that may have hurt Tammy BUT I am so thankful that she allowed me to be that person.

Some tidbits about my baby girl Lexi!

1. She was a very early bloomer. She walked around 9 month old. It was cute to see her go when she was so little.

2.Every day at 1 her and baby Parker would sit in my lap and I would rock them to sleep watching 90210. I was in heaven.

3. When she would cry and get colicky ( which she oh so did!!) taking her outside would calm her right down.

4. She liked sour things and when she drank some lemon juice ( from Josh) she curdled the milk in her tummy and she puked up big chunks!! Thanks Josh!

5. Her first "word" was Nana. I of course got her to say it by coaxing her with chocolate pudding. But that name is the sweetest name I hear.

6. She was the ring girl at my wedding. She got a little upset because I was so busy that day and she was kinda of not able to be with us that she was sad, but she is my best little bud.

7. Her first sentence was in a tape recorder to me while I was service my mission in "Indinana." It was Nana I milked a cow. I still have to tape!!

8. She is the most caring and loving person that I know. She is always so thoughtful and so concerned. The last few years she has been through so much. But she always thinks of her brothers. When she went shopping with a cop or Spencer's party she always got something for her brothers. That is just the way she is. Always thinking of other people

Lexi also talked to me about "helping" her with a gift for her mom. She said "mommy works so hard and I want to give her something she could really use and she needs. I want mommy to have fuzzy robe and slippers. Her feet hurt because she is taking care of all of us." That is how wonderful this little girl is. She is so unselfish.

But now, I want to send her a message.

My sweet Lexi,

From the day you were born I loved you. We have always had a special bond. I didn't' realize how much of a bond we had until I had my own little baby. I loved the nights you would cry and I would get to have you come in my bed and I would lay there with you and hold you. You were so sweet. So loving.

When you called me Nana I knew that only you could be my Lexi. No one else could take your place. You took my picture to school while I was gone and would " talk" to me in your backpack . I was so far away but there was not a day that went by that I didn't think of you and what I missing.

As you grew you got such a spunky personality. We were so much alike. In fact, I think we collect and pack rat the same way!! But what I didn't have was you ability to love. You take such good care of Kayden and he loves you so much. Keep making them special. Be their example of love.

When I had TyTy and he was so sick I wanted you to meet him. When we put his bed down so you could see him I was so proud of you. You called him a peanut. But you have always loved him. Your sweet hope of wanting Ty to have a brain transplant is the sweetest thing.

Because you are such a smart and loving and caring young women you will be able to love kids of all abilities. I know you will love Tyler and you already love your brothers. Because of this I know that you will teach others that is OK to be different. You will be the best mommy in the whole world.

I am very proud of you Sessi. It was a hard decision that you have made to be baptized. But know that while I was in Indiana I learned some important things. I learned that Joseph Smith was and is a prophet. He was a young man that prayed. He saw God and he saw Jesus. He did as he was asked. He listened. He told his mom and she told him to listen. You are making the right decision to be baptized. As you get older you will find a man that will love you and he will take you to the temple to be married. You will keep teaching your children that Heavenly Father loves them. You will be a wonderful example. You already are. Your dad looks up to you and how much you love your family and the church. I know that Families are forever. And that by being baptized you are making a right choice.

I love you so much miss Lexi. I wish I could see you more. I love you much. You were my special little girl. You will always be my special little girl. I love you so much!!

Happy 8th birthday my BIGGEST 8 year old.......


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Tammy said...

From Lexi...
Thank you for writing the thing on your blog. I wish you guys could come down and could visit us. I want to see TyTy so much. I wish that he wouldn't have a bad brain but I think he is so special same with my two brothers. I hope my mom can get better with her bad foot. I wish that she wouldn't have to have a ganglion cyst or a broken foot.

I love you lots.

Love Lexi