Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A new day!!

Yep the rant felt good. The sad thing, doesn't change a darn thing. So here I am sporting the herpes look, feeling tired and worn down and all for what...

I will tell you for what....

Today was the warmest day of 2008!! Yep, its getting warm for us here. I am SOOO glad. Yep, the summer is a freaking sauna but for only a few month. After that BLISSFULL YUMMY!!!

So today our respite worker took the Bubba out to do his favorite thing in the WHOLE world. He went to the park. He LOVES the park. His mom can't lift him up the slide right now but Franicisca ( his WONDERFUL) respite girl sure can.

They came home ( I was napping... see above.. I swear I just sat down) and he went to take a nap. After the nap ( Both of our naps) we tried to eat some lunch. In the below rant I forgot to mention our lack of eating going on. Todays lunch was chips.. We tried a sandwich, hotdogs and beans, pudding and all that would go down was Doritos. Ty and I stayed out and played with Francis. Ty blew bubbles and he is almost out at this point but LOVED it and would laugh and clap.

I decided that we needed to cool off and eat a yummy push up push pop sorbet. He LOVED it and was a mess.

He oh so totally picked that up and ate it... Yummy!!

A bath was needed as he had sand from the park and his sandbox. He loved it and laid in the water for a few minutes. We got dressed again and put on his braces and headed outside for round 2. We are missing a car ( again part of the "rant") and so the garage was empty and we set Ty out on his way with his push toy.

After screaming because he had to wear his braces we got him out of them and he was off for another hour throwing rocks and just being Ty. He had so much fun. He came in and we cooked dinner which he didn't like and again ate pudding and doritios and carnation. Poor kid. But he had a blast and probably won't starve... Probably!!!

Hopefully the weather stays perfect for awhile. We are hoping to get Ty into swimming lessons this year and we are hoping to spend long enough that both of us get nice tans..


Crystal said...

That sounds like a perfectly wonderful day! And if anyone deserves it, it's you!

Steph said...

That push up looks sooo good. I'm gonna have to get some, my kids would love them I"m sure.