Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Holy Day from......... WOW!!

Can I just tell you how exhausted I am. Not even kidding.

This weekend was so busy and so tiring and so .... blah. I had a wonderful date for Valentines on Friday and LOVED every second of it. We played pool and had dinner and just was able to hang out. Then came Saturday. No big deal. Worked as usual and nothing overly exciting happened.... till I looked at the schedule. There is only me working after seven and I have to staff customer service and the whole front end of Walmart with 2....yep that is right 2 cashiers. Do you know what hell that would be as a customer at Walmart. It was non stop people.

Sunday.. same deal. No workers after seven. At least it was dead. Last night we had a day CSS transfer to night. What a power struggle!! It was hilarious to watch. The day CSS refuses to be "bossed" by the night CSS and vice versa. Hilarious.. but exhausting.

I get home and am exhausted and put away the groceries. After trying to get sleepy I go to bed hoping for sleep to come. Well the sleep never came and I watched the clock....4,5,6, Finally ty wakes up and he acts sleepy so I hold him for a bit. He goes back to sleep. By then I am so tired I can't sleep but feel a huge headache coming on.

Dallas takes Ty and I go sleep on the luv sac. I am still having a hard time sleeping. My respite worker comes and I have a few appointments to make it to. I have therapy today and had a wonderful session with her. But of course lack of sleep and blah blah I end up crying. NOT good on a migraine.

Right after I head to the hospital for labs and feel so crappy I want to cry.. and sleep. I get there and sit for awhile. I decide I have to go pee. I head in and read the sign that female patients should ask before going potty. I ignore sign and potty. I get called back while in the potty and head back. Ya!! Probably shouldn't have ignored the sign. They need a sample. They take blood and send me back to the waiting room with a speciman cup, plastic bag and a cup. Good thing my bladder is the size of a kindergartener.

I head home and can't stand the migraine any longer. I am exhausted and need a nap. My respite worker said she would stay. I still couldn't sleep.

So tonight.. I am exhausted. I feel anxious to find out about my surgery... but I feel loved. And very well taken care of..

So .... Moral of the story.... I need a good nights sleep. And a fast recovery on Thursday!!!!


Jen said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your sweet family!! I hope you get some good sleep tonight and things go very smoothly for you! I'm wishing you all the best!!!

Anonymous said...

Nancy - We are all praying for you and hope everything goes well and easy for you! Please know that we are all thinking of you, praying for you, wishing you were closer! I just know everything will turn out perfect! Mom Brown

Leeann said...

Hey darling, haven't talked to you in a while. Sounds like you haven't been having a fun time! I hope you get some sleep tonight!