Saturday, February 23, 2008

He is so big!!!

For the last several weeks we have been watching Ty and have been in awe of how great he is. He is so sweet and so cute. He makes us both smile every day. He makes our day. He is such an amazing kid.

He is a perfect subject for my new photo craze. Today was no exception. As I was watching him from around the corner I watched him. I smiled.

For some reason he has this obsession with climbing on things. He climbs on EVERYTHING. I love it. It shows how big he is getting. Well, we have a step stool and I decided that instead of him trying to stand on toys I would put the step stool there. I sat him down on it and then walked away. He slowly climbed up on it where he stayed for awhile. But this is what I got!!


Anonymous said...

Very Cute, now that he has a place to sit but still be close enough to see, he seems content. Just wondering how long he sat there? Mom Brown

Jen said...

He is just so CUTE! I can't believe how grown up he looks! :)