Thursday, March 10, 2016

Hydrocephalus Awareness WALK Phoenix 2015

*During Spring break I thought I would try and catch up. To bad we started off spring break with Influenza A. EVEN with a flu shot, I have 2 sick kiddos. So we will see what we can catch up on.*

The Hydrocephalus walk was a great success. I wanted to make sure that there were some good photos of the actual walk and not just the prep so that I can make sure that I remember there is an end in sight when doing the hard stuff.
 This is my ice stack. I paid a lot of money to have this stack of ice delivered according to the ice companies estimate. However, the ice delivery was 2 hours later than I paid for. So I had already used every ounce of volunteers to run and get some from somewhere. After the walk was over I had to open and empty 300 lbs of ice and dump it on the ground.  The day after the event I had heat stroke. I was SO sick. Vomiting, dehydration, extreme headache. It was bad. We won't be using them again.
 This is our storage unit. This as ALLLL in my garage and living room for 3 months. It was a cluster! But we got it covered and I now have a lovely indoor, air conditioned storage place. It will be much easier to see what we have next year and it also means that everything made it in one piece and is ready to go. I really am exited to have it laid out and know exactly where every thing is. 
 Here is the good stuff. I found a Character company called Candies Characters. When it was set up and she found out what our organization was, she offered their services as a donation. So Princes Aurora was there and later Superman came. They did face painting and Princess Aurora spent time with lots of the little girls and danced and just made so many people happy. It was a winner and I want them there next year.,

 I rented some games from a carnival company. This was a HUGE hit. A life size connect four. It was always being used. Even my cute boys played a lot!! It was out there for the families to enjoy. And it was enjoyed~ 
 THE BEST thing about the walk is and was meeting the families that are just like us. They are the ones that freak out when you vomit, or freak out when you don't know! King Gavin had an amazing team. We are so thankful that they came and raised as much money as they did!! Next year I am going to figure out this t-shirt thing and get it taken care of so that we an have a t-shirt competition. 

 This is again, the Candies Characters who are face painting the cute girls in our tent. Even the young boys got involved. It was so cute to see them all out there. 
 The superhero team! They did such a great job. Their whole team matched. There were TONS of them. If we can get them all back next year we will have a wonderful walk!
 A small group of us waiting at announcements so that we could get the walk started. 

 This was our walk. Nothing short of awesome!! 
 Look at all those amazing people!! We hd so many people there to support us. We raised a large sum of money for our walk. We did an excellent job and I am so happy to have been involved with it. 

 These two boys were by far the cutest things in the entire walk. They enjoyed the connect four and then took off to feed the ducks on another area. Huge thanks to Ciera and Cody for being their extra eyes so that they could play while I did the stuff I had to do. 

Here is super man and Aurora. I hope to get a few more characters. Even if a few are donated I will pay for a pack of characters. They were a HUGE hit! 

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