Sunday, May 10, 2015

The reasons I love Mother's day

My mom never really loved mother's day, so I have always just grew up avoiding the day. After I had kids, I still felt the same way. My first mother's day was when I as pregnant and it was NOT an OK day. After that it was much better. Dallas has always tried really hard. I struggled during the times of infertility and I avoided the day. Dallas, again, tried really hard. I, however, did not.

This year I made the personal goal to ENJOY mother's day and what it means. Yes, I gave birth to 2 little people. Each of them a Miracle in their own respect!  Tyler, 93 days early. Grayson, infertility for YEARS before we finally maxed out all of those meds and figured we would be pregnant with a 9 headed mutant. But nope, just one heart beat in that little chest!

So these are the reasons I love Motherhood-

#shrinershospital #phoenix #clown

At Shriner's on Friday- Grayson was afraid of the clowns so we became our own!  I love them both!

A little cold for #1. A little love for #2.  #bestbrothers

Grayson LOVES Tyler. He is giving him rubs. Tyler had a seizure and was asleep on the couch. He had a cold and Grayson was rubbing his face.

#brothers #frenimies #mybiggestblessing #stayawayscorpions #stayinnocentforever

We have cam pouts in the "Tree room" and we like it!

Brother's hanging out, doing hard appointments together. Grayson's stuff was a lot rough. But we did it.. Because we can do hard things.

'And a much better less claustrophobic idea.

Making a tent with mom while Tyler is gone. BEST DAYS EVER!

Instead of taking our friend in our car we ride our bikes #beckythebike #ohmygoshbecky #bigbuttbecky #bffs #sunbeam #dudewheresyoutshirt

Having close friends in the neighborhood that love each other. We LOVE the Talbots like our own family. We love them so much!~

Another post #seizure crash.  Ugh

We have seizures as a team.

A velvitine rabbit

We love Christmas in the desert on a farm!

#snowballfightarizonastyle #paper #hopekids

Having snow ball fights with paper, where we stay warm!

Up close at the #temple to see the nativity #mesatemple #family

Being a team means we can't see together. We were up close and personal with carvings from Italy. Our brother can't see, we do it together.

Trying to figure out this sleeping gene.... we just don't have that part together.


Riding together in a train!

Getting a vacuum hair cut. #bestmomever #feltlikesmassage

Best Haircut a mom could ask for

I am madly in love with these three people. #missourdad #appleshirts #apple #wwdc #hadtowear #graysongram #tylergram #ilovethem

Three of the most important Apples in my world!

#becauseofHim I have two miracles. One we fought so hard to keep him here when he came 15 weeks early. The other we struggled with four years of #infertility to be blessed to have him. Even when they are hard #theyaremineforever #eternalfamilies

These 2 are the reason that I get to celebrate mother's day. Though I don't have enough time in a day to show them that I love them with all my soul, I do! I am thankful for the 3 boys in my home. Thankful that I am the mom of 2 of them and thankful for the Mother of the other one!

Happy Mother's Day to my Mom and my Mother in Law. To strong women dedicated to their families. For that we are both forever thankful.

* As a side note, our neighbors in Utah just gave birth to their miracle baby who is now in the NICU awaiting heart surgery. With some other genetic issues going, they are really struggling. For those on my page, please pray for them. The mom should have a Happy Mother's Day amidst the hard stuff too!