Monday, August 11, 2014

A diaper bag?

For those that are still in the "baby" stage, a diaper bag is a must. But when we hit the big boy stage, no diapers should be needed...... Unless you have a special needs kiddo. We still need to a small bag. Tyler is mostly potty trained and so is the 3 year old we have!

We like to have a few things with us at all times. Like trains and planes and a book. So my GENIUS mind thought up the best way to take the stuff we have to have with us, without toting a large diaper bag.

Here is the 101 on a genius way to bring a few supplies in a cool Mom of a boy way:

At "back to school time", it is the best time to find lunch boxes of different varieties. For us, having a excited 3 year old who has an obsession with fire trucks, that is our current lunch box of choice.


First in our lunch pack is a large garbage bag. It is a HUGE necessity.


The largest garbage bag that you can find is perfect for using as a large child changing pad. Most places don't have changing tables for kids who have special needs that are larger than infant sizes. If you have to put them on the floor in a bathroom this is a MUST HAVE. You can then open the garbage bag and dispose of the diapers that need to be taken care of.

Next add a bag of wipes and a few diapers of whatever size diaper you need. It is big enough to hold my wallet, and a small bag of cars and trains. We take this bag FOR SURE to the pediatrician's office, because it has a train table and no trains. And the trains that are there generally have lots of germs.


The bag actually holds quite a bit of stuff. It also holds a change of clothes and a small book.

So there is my little hack of the day... A special needs changing bag.

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