Friday, April 19, 2013

DDD Visit

The same day as Ty’s IEP at school I had scheduled an appointment with his Case worker for her to come do her home visit with us. Ty has to be there. I have no idea why, because she didn’t ask him one thing. But the house was a typical mess with Ty just getting done with breakfast and me not moving very fast because I didn’t have to take him to school. Dallas had done the feeding and then got ready for work.

So frantic and busy was how we answered the door. And naked. Grayson and Ty were naked. Ok, they had diapers. As we started the interview, she literally had nothing to say to Ty but we had to have him there.

As the interview continued we went through and added some goals for Ty. Nothing new and nothing that hasn't been on there. But we did the last ISP when I was getting ready for a hysterectomy and we hurried through.

To make a not very exciting post short so we can move on to awesomeness, here is what the end result is.

Ty has 600+ hours a YEAR for respite. It turns out to like 10 hours a week.

Ty has 40 hours a month of Rehabilitation services. Turns out to be 10 hours a week. Hab services the person works one on one with Ty for certain things that he needs work on. It also includes having him out in the community to make good choices and learn to do fun things.

The NEWEST and most exciting is that Ty qualified for Attendant care hours. 13 of them to be exact. So if you aren't good at math that is 33 hours a week of help for Tyler. You have NO idea how NICE this is.

Ty is approved for 2 times a week Physical therapy, OT once a week and Speech once a week. We currently do not have any of them. We are having hard time finding a center or even home based for him. We are working on having some DTS hours for him ( which is for Day time service hours) to allow him to go to a sort of summer camp or something that is geared to him.

Having help throughout the summer is a DREAM come true. We will be starting weekly therapy in Phoenix if we can't find a local east valley location so having someone there to help will be amazing.

The above is the reason we left Utah. Utah we got NOTHING. No help. No long term care. NOTHING.

Now on to the fun stuff.

When I hit publish on this post we have 2 more posts before 1000 on this blog ( I have had 2 others that we have saved for journeying purposing.)

Any ideas on what we should do? 1000 about Ty and us? Questions and answers? A giveaway!?

An older but good photo for your viewing pleasure of a pretty BLAH post...


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carly said...

I found that services for Wesley in AZ were always way easier to get than they were in Utah. When we moved here it was like pulling teeth to get him into preschool, Headstart, or get any services. Utah definitely lacks in that area compared to Arizona.