Tuesday, January 15, 2013

One Reason To Get Your Flu Shot

Because if you don’t, you will get the flu!

We were  cruising along doing so well, staying out of all doctors offices. We hit up ONLY what we needed to and did no extra. But right after my surgery I felt terrible and got a terrible cough. Which put my awesome bladder fix to the test. After 2 more rounds of a bladder infection I thought I was feeling better. Grayson had some bad nights and woke up Friday and within an hour had a HIGH fever and was so sad. Ty decided he didn’t want to go to school that day and I had not been feeling well enough to fight, so in honor of all our Utah friends, we took a snow day with them.

Around noon I took advantage of the “Call ahead program” at our local urgent care. I really like that option. I ran him in, while Ty hung out with his respite worker and I took the poor kid in. They said it was just a cold and that if he got worse in 3 days to take him in. I was fine with “just a cold” diagnosis and off we went.

Saturday Ty had a dry cough. And sure enough on Sunday he woke up with a fever. Not the best idea. He fevered all night and into Monday. He was so sick.  Grayson still wasn’t feeling well but was doing better. We called and got in to the pediatrician.

With a swab and a scream, Tyler has the Influenza. Which means we save Grayson from pain and suffering and if one has it and 2 more in the house are sick that means, we all have it. I ask for tamiflu for the dad. They said, we have been exposed to long. We get nothing.

Ty got worse on Monday and today was a little better. He won’t drink much and his eating is horrible. He asks for the same things but because we are all so sick we can’t taste a thing. Grayson wont even drink his milk. So for now we have kids waking up all through the night and we pump the fluids and send them back to their beds. Ty has slept in our spare room with me so that while he had a fever I was able to open a window, wipe them down etc. And we had a baby in with us while we did our best to feel better.

So.... Moral of the Story.


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Madeleine said...

Hoping you all feel better soon.