Friday, August 31, 2012

The Tooth Fairy

While talking with Dallas the other day, we heard a little cry in the loft/playroom followed by a dramatic, over the top fake cry by Tyler. He said that Babe hit head mouth and it hurt his teeth. Ty is so drama filled that generally we pretend to look at his face/elbow, feet, toes and anything else he says is “broken” and then follow it up with a kiss. Generally it works too!

This particular drama filled event ended in me finding that Tyler had lost a tooth. Dallas and I bolted out of the bedroom and into the loft and started searching for the tooth. Ty got a little freaked out and we kept asking, where were you sitting? Where is the blood? Why didn’t we notice he had lost a tooth?

Needless to say, the tooth was gone. It was not anywhere that we could see in the loft/playroom. We laid him on the floor to check to see if he had more teeth missing that we didn’t notice but only one was gone. We did notice that another one is on it’s way out and that in place of his missing tooth he was already getting a tooth. My maternal assumption ( insert sarcastic tone)  is that it just came out and he probably swallowed it or lost it at school.

Dallas and I were going on a date that night and we decided that in the best interest of all involved ( read our pocket book and Tyler) that the tooth fairy would provide the BEST entertainment in the world, and sadly NOT bring ten million dollars ( read more money than a “normal” tooth fairy) and would just bring Tyler a new movie.

Thanks to the tooth fairy and a pretty sneaky mom, Ty got to spend the entire Saturday watching his new favorite show, Doc Mcstuffins!

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