Saturday, February 4, 2012

A quick one

I don't have a ton of time and I have not updated in forever.  Frankly, life has been insane since December and if we are honest since July.

This past week we have ALL been sick. That is right. ALL FOUR OF US! Ty was sick about 2 weeks ago and it seemed to pass fast. We thought sweet, no more germs. Boy was I wrong, very wrong. It seemed Dallas got it and within a few days I had it. Grays was pretty good but boy that didn't last long. I was put on antibiotics, Dallas was put on antibiotics and the boys are not because it is just a cold. IN the last 2 days Grays has gotten worse and Tyler not any better. We are all exhausted beyond belief.

With the sickness, Grays has only wanted mom and Dallas has only wanted his wife. I only want sleep. Ty is a different story.

Tyler is not sleeping ( SHOCKER!) He is up around 2 AM or 3 on a good day. We have had him sleep in past 6am about two different times in 3 weeks. Finally we sent him back to bed last night and let him cry. I don't have any more room in my bed ( Grays co sleeps and is sick) and I am squished if Ty is in there to the point where we just can't do it. ( We had been till yesterday.)

He has temper tantrums that are more than anyone can handle in this house. His anxiety started before his seizure and has just increased since then. After his seizure his stuttering seemed to decrease and it does only seem to get worse when he is super tired. But the anxiety and the need for structure and routine has increased and the temper tantrums has increased SO much that we are looking for alternative things for his seizures and we are continuing with his Occupational Therapy to help with ways to get things under control.

At school he is doing well academically but his anxiety is showing in the classroom. If he doesn't know where and when they are going some place he has a melt down. If they stop and make a detour without him understanding ahead of time he has a really hard time. He has done this since his seizure.

Night times are unbearable right now. We are fighting over every little bite  that goes into his mouth. He fights bed times, he wakes up early. He is throwing himself on the floor, kicking, and crying. It is really taking it's toll.

We had a pediatrician appointment on Friday because he came home and just cried for an hour. We know he hadn't been feeling well. Frankly, no one had. I knew it was just a cold but we took him in. She gave us some suggestions we are going to look at. After that, we just pray it starts to get better.

On a plus side he is doing amazing at school academically. He still has his sweetness sometimes. He is still in love with "HIS" baby Grayson and gets super sad when he is crying. He was able to go to the wish house and make his wish ( more later... when we know more!!) and he is the recipient of a cool cool scooter. Now if we could just get him to feel better.

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