Friday, December 16, 2011

My kid- The Chubby

After our seizure issue and the vomit issue Ty became this NEW kid. He has been starving for YEARS apparently. He went through an entire box of toaster struddles in a day. He just eats EVERYTHING.

When we weighed in at clinic he was down almost 8 pounds from his last check. ( Don't judge Dr. M) The doc was not impressed but said that as long as he is eating and doesn't gain like ten over night then she is fine with it. She also said she would like to watch what he does gain. He hasn't really slowed down on the eating yet.

As we were getting our routine in I decided to take a bath with the boys. I got in and we were talking about how many people in the tubby. I said wow 3 chubbies in the tubby. Ty LOVED it. He gets in the tub now and says "there is a chubby in the tubby!"

Here is to hoping we keep on the right path!

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