Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The meltdowns

I feel like I have a pretty good dose of patience when it comes to 99 percent of stuff that goes on. I tend to tolerate stuff that normally bothers others. I don't mind having lots of kids around. I don't mind my house being filled with my nieces and nephews. They know my rules, they usually listen. You know.. the stuff that being a mom and the coolest Aunt ever entails.

When it comes to Tyler, ANYTHING goes. Nothing is off limits to him. He is a crazy off the wall, bouncing bundle of Tyler. The only time I demand cooperation is when we are in therapy. He needs it. It is suppose to be helping him function better. The only problem, it is hard. It is VERY hard for him. The muscles being stretched to their limit. His body being twisted to lay normal. His hips being pushed down to reach the ground. It is hard work.

We had back to back therapy today. PT first then speech. Speech was a disaster. DISASTER. I left for a few minutes for the first 5 minutes. Had to nurse Grayson in the room with them and Ty MELTED. Just melted. One track mind, then he didn't get his way he threw himself on the floor. Banging his head, screaming he wanted to tell his Daddy. Screaming "we go home now." We calmed him. Got him to refocus and something else went wrong and it was all over. 20 minutes and we melted for all but 4.

I don't generally lose it. Today was no exception. I didn't lose it. Instead I called his dad. Told him I would be dropping off Tyler and when I got home. I did just that. I dropped him off. Didn't say a word. Left and came home to a totally calm and quiet ( For Tyler) kid.

Tonight I was back to my old self. Ty and I, peas in a pod. Saying our prayers. Doing our bath routine. Sweet kid.

To bad, emotionally I feel sad.

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