Friday, September 9, 2011

Grayson's Blessing

After a LONG first week of school we had a big party. A big party for baby Grayson. In our church we don't have Christening's but we do have blessings. We had a great turn out and we were so thankful to have so many of the people who mean most to us. In fact, I can't think of a soul that would have made the day better.

Saturday we were at the hydrocephalus walk and then had Grandma and Grandpa Labrum come up where they stayed the night. We got up super early and got ready for Church. Tyler got dressed by Grandpa and he looked so Handsome. He was in a suit and a Tie and I about died with how cute he looked.

I dressed Grayson in his White clothes and off we went. We realized the week before that the outfit Dallas and Tyler wore didn't fit. Grayson is a tiny bit chubby. So I had to go look for something else. They don't have a whole lot for boys. But he did look super cute.

The blessing was perfect and Dallas did a great job. The whole day was great. My family was all here. Dallas had a few of his siblings come and his parents. It was overall perfect.

We had a BBQ after. I loved having our house full of friends and family. There were a MILLION and one kids. We had all my nieces and nephew's there and Oli and Emery and we were filled to the brim!

I was so thankful for all that came. We had a wonderful day and Grayson was celebrated perfectly.

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