Monday, May 2, 2011

Cowboy Tyler

Tyler is so much fun right now. After our minor sleep deprivation/Satanic child episode we have our sweet baby back. I think I was going to end up in tears even more if he was away for good.

He has a wild imagination. He says funny FUNNY stuff. Someone, or everyone, in our house has a birthday EVERY day. He will come into our room in the morning ( YES!! He is sleeping in his own bed....till I typed that) and be ready to celebrate a birthday. He just gets one thing in his head and we have to play it all day.

The other day he was watching something but he talked about being a cowboy all day and wanted a cowboy rope and the works. After several hours he asked if we could go to "Jennifer's store" and get him a cowboy hat.

I obliged ( of course) and off we went. He wore the hat for 2 days. But when we got home from the store we put together the rope, he had his hat and (we had to change a bum) we were cowboy Tyler. So stinking funny to watch. ( I will upload a video!!)


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singedwingangel said...

He looks so stinkin cute