Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lights, camera, action....hats, blankets, babies?

Tyler is HILARIOUS. He makes us laugh ( and pull our hair out) all in the course of minutes. The laughing is pretty much constant. He is just FUNNY.

He is SUPER bored since we have pretty much been home bound all winter. We have chosen ( after much consideration and a chit chat with the Bishop and primary) to stay away from church until flu season is gone. It seems that I see a MILLION posts on face book about so and so's kids that started throwing up while at church or Monday morning seeing that half the primary has strep. With my immune system, combined with Tyler's, we have pretty much passed back and forth a cold all winter. We have missed the tummy flu but the coughing is to much. I can't take anything and he just has crappy lungs. We go when we see a let up of cold symptoms. So overall his weekends are boring. Unless he goes with Grandma and Grandpa and the kids then he gets to play with us!

Generally we play all morning long and he trashes the house like a tornado. We then put on a basketball game where he transforms into Tyler " THE JIMMER" and we pick up the mess. Lately he gets into his closet and he pulls out all his summer shorts and brings me his Swim shorts. He asks for them and then gets super excited that it is "warm."

Last weekend was no exception. Swim trunks and basketball. Soon he came in with his snow hat. I was laughing so stinking hard. He was so proud of his hat. He was BEAMING!
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It was so funny. He would play on the tramp and yell about his hat. Then would run into my room and say "take a picture." Which I happily obliged. Seriously so stinking cute!

After the boring weekends he gets super excited to go to school or he demands a trip to the Store. A few weeks ago we found that he is obsessed with the camera. We pulled out our small one and if will walk around taking pictures of the " Hibiscus" flower. He holds really still, pushes the button and says "Cheese," all the while snapping the BEST picture ever!
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I have HUNDREDS of photos of the inside of Tyler's nose. And nope he doesn't care if the flash lights up his eyes. ( He doesn't process light like we do. IT doesn't seem to bother him much. In fact the "special" eye generally reflects it so much it turns even the best of photographers into red eyes!)

Last but not least. Tyler has blue blanket. It is so disgusting. No matter how hard I try blue blanket is just gross. We wash him and over the last 2 years blue blanket isn't chewed on any more. But he use to chew on a certain spot and it got almost black. Well when we found out we were having a boy we thought about what to do about a blue blanket for the new baby. We didn't love the Brown so we went with light green. ( I KNOW shoot me now!) but in the process I found his blue blanket again so I am debating about buying it to replace said gross blanket.

We showed Ty green blanket and he got all excited and wanted to open it. We let him and he wanted it for his own. We explained it was baby Grayson's and we talked about a new baby and how he could help mom with the baby.

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We talked about helping to feed the baby and sleep with the baby. He said he was "so sleepy" and got his blanket and laid down on Grayson's blanket.
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Then wrapped up his Mickey Mouse to feed and burp. He was so proud that he was "helping." He even gave Mickey a Kiss and burped him really well.

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Shannon said...

Oh my gosh - he couldn't possibly be any cuter or any sweeter. He is going to be the best big brother in history!!

Amelia said...

*Tears!* How sweet is he? What an amazing sweet kiddo. He is going to be a great big brother. This new little guy is coming at exactly the right time!