Monday, January 3, 2011

Penguins, Trains and Pizza

After feeling trapped and blah, Tyler and I headed out! I asked him if he wanted to see Dinosaurs or penguins. Pretty quickly he answered "Penguins" and we were out the door. We took D a drink of pepper and a treat ( Ty LOVES taking his dad a drink of pepper) and went to see the penguins at the aquarium.

We went straight to the Penguins and he was NOT having it at first. I put him up high to see them because they were eating and he had a FIT. I thought, " seriously T. I just spent 20 bucks to get in for you to freak out!!" So I let him down and sat there by myself watching the penguins. When more kids came over and the penguins started to swim he LOVED it. We watched for awhile. Went through a little of the aquarium and played with the sting rays and watched the sharks. He loved the new turtle they have their and we always LOVE the jelly fish. We had to hit up the penguins one more time before we left.

On the way out the door the strategically placed gift shop was there. Big and center was the penguins. Ty wanted to see them so we walked over. He said " Pretty cool. We should take him home." We found one he would touch and brought it home. He said " Fank you mom-e for helping me to take the penguin home." ( I Love him!)

For lunch I thought the best thing to do was go to the mall. Options for everyone. Plus after we could hit up the kids playground and head home. It would take the blahness out of the day. We had a fun pizza date and headed downstairs.

They have the cutest mini express Train that you have to walk by on the way to the play yard. I have never seen Tyler so excited. He even asked to ride it. So we got on and rode away! We were able to ride a lot because Tyler won over the driver and we just kept going. He loved it. He would just sit there and look around. We played for a bit in the play yard but all he wanted was the train.

It took a little bit to get him to leave the train and we had a small meltdown outside. He was determined to con his way into getting a movie but I was strong and promised one another day!

I love days where it works. There is always a hesitation when it comes to our ability to see things and do things. He won't wear his glasses and the sensory overload of sounds is sometimes to much. He can't handle hearing the noises come from places he can't see. We really struggle with a proper sized stroller. He walks so well but he just can't make it all the way. It's hard to see him struggle to move his legs around and need help on things like the slides in the play areas but I am thankful he can do what he can do.

Next week, I think we will try the dinosaurs. As it gets warmer, I think we will have to go to the farm and even try out a inflatable bounce place.

Here is to fun times when it is cold.... AND school.

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Grandma Labrum said...

He was so excited about the penguins and train. So fun to hear his squeak about it.