Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thank you for Fighting for me!

Last December my grandpa passed away. He was a veteran. He never had to go over seas but none the less he served our country. The day of his funeral it was snowing. It was very very cold. There was snow up to our knees. It was not letting up. Standing out in the freezing cold was a man, holding a flag. A woman was standing next to him. She was basically having to hold him up. When asked if he needed to sit down or he wanted to change with the other people he said, "No. I stand here for my friend."

He didn't just mean my grandpa. He meant for his fellow soldier.

That man died a few months ago. But he returned the favor to a fellow soldier.

He stood there for a friend.

The men who serve today, stand there for a friend, friends they don't even know.

Thank you for standing there for me!

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