Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Nicky

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It is my baby sisters birthday today. It started 21 minutes ago. She was born on a Tuesday. She kept the tradition of the 26th because if not mom cant' remember when we are born.

Nicky has a mind of her own. She is a good person and she tries her hardest to be thoughtful and giving to those around her. She doesn't like feeling like she is taken advantage of and if she does have that feeling, she steps away.

She is a very pretty women. She forgets it sometimes. She forgets it and lets herself be treated in ways that make me want to punch people. :)

I am the family band-aid and will fix all I can for Nicky in as many ways as I can. She is the baby. She will always be the baby. She will always have to be the last one to do everything.

She is great with all of our kids. She is a wonderful Aunt/mother to my child and to my other siblings children. Everyone needs that Aunt that means the world and moon to them. Nicky is that for 6 of them. Some day.. we hope to return the favor.

Thanks for being a pain and making me steal. It was RUDE of you to do that. But I hope you have know that even when you are a pain you are my baby pain. I hope to give you all you want soon.

"Regardless of whether or not a woman is able to have children, she is nevertheless - a mother. A woman - is a mother to all she knows and loves."

A mother is someone who cares for others. Always be that Other mother!

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~NICKY~ said...

I love that picture of me and the kids. I love how even though Ty is crying, we are all just ignoring him :) Max is holding still, like we told him DO NOT MOVE!