Monday, August 2, 2010

The Preemie Primer- A book Review and GIVE AWAY!!!!

Almost 5 years ago I embarked on the journey of a lifetime. A trip that I didn't plan on and a ride we can't get to stop. While the shove into parenthood was scary enough we added the extra stress of the NICU. Nothing can prepare you for the sights, sounds and terms.

As I was getting overwhelmed with words and diagnosis' I turned to the worst place on EARTH!


You see, google has the worst of the worst. I needed simple yet understandable terms where I could figure out the worst of the worst but still have hope.

I didn't have that place.

Recently a new book came out called The Preemie Primer and was written by Dr. Jennifer Gunter. She is an OBGYN and a preemie mom. She understands the feelings of being a mom in the scariest place on earth. ( Both professionally and as a mother!)

She starts out the book describing her own story. Her own fear. Facing her own reality. She makes me feel like as a OB she knew all the answers but as a mother felt like the rest of us did. She was full of anxiety and scared.
She address the very basic of prematurity and health. She delivers it in a very plain and yet educational way. It is a VERY easy read. She also gives you facts and numbers. Things I needed to see.

Because the book spans the VAST picture of preemie hood it has some things that didn't apply to me and my situation. But the information was packed in there.

There are so many terms and conditions that are in the world of prematurity that covering every single one would be almost impossible but it seems Dr. Gunter has done an amazing job.

I would like an author somewhere to touch on the emotional impact AFTER the birth for the mother. Dr. Gunter did do that but I think it deserves much more time and a MILLION pages. I think more resources to send the parents in this situation. ( such as A Internet group, list of blogs, parents who are open to being contacted) I know when I was in the middle of the bad stuff it would have been nice to have someone. I met a few through the above mentioned ways but to have someone DIRECT me there would have been amazing.

The most important part that I felt was touched on was the traveling through the health system. There is so many things that could either make or break what you are hoping to get. Financially it is extremely exhausting. Follow the advice given. She does a great job explaining what to ask for.

After living the preemie world for almost 5 years ( 5 years!) I can say that I have passed that toddler hood and survived. If you are just getting started in your journey, PICK up this book. GET a copy. Read it and store the information that you need. You can and will get through the NICU.

SO... to help a lucky NICU mom or an OLD NICU mom get to experience the Preemie Primer we are giving away a COPY!!!!!!

So to win a copy of this book a few things need to be done in order to be entered.
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Entries must be received before thursday at midnight PST. Twitter will be FULL of #nicu posts and links. Link back during that time to see who the winner is.

READY....... GO!


HauteSingleMama said...

I have been DYING to read this book since I saw it was being published!! I read several preemie books while on bed rest, and while good.. they're all missing something. I can't wait to see what she's written!

HauteSingleMama said...

I follow you on Facebook!

HauteSingleMama said...

I follow you on google friend connect!

HauteSingleMama said...

I don't think my first comment showed up... I said that I've been dying to get my hands of a copy of this book since I found out it was being published!!! I've read a lot of preemie books, and I can't wait to add this one to my collection!

HauteSingleMama said...

I follow @miraclepreemie and @drjengunter! I'll @ you!

Melissa said...

I am looking forward to reading this book - even if I don't win. Having the perspective of an MD AND preemie mom is probably really interesting.

JoDee said...

I would love to read this book I have read a few other good books on prematurity and am always looking for another one

JoDee said...

I have an address in the US

Anonymous said...

I have been wanting to read this.
I am the mom to a former 28 weeker.
I would like to know when your son started talking some?

Glyn said...

My address is in the US! =)

Glyn said...

I would love this book, as I also have a preemie. My son was born at 27 weeks, and was in the NICU in a hospital 350 miles away for 15 weeks. He's now 6.5 and doing well, but questions still arise and memories hit us every so often. I think both my husband and I would be interested in reading this book and having it as a reference on our bookshelf.

Thank you for this opportunity!

Glyn said...

I follow both you, @miraclepreemie, and @DrJenGunter, too!

Glyn said...

I've also joined the group on Facebook! =) Thanks again!